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Ash and his friends at the same time are searching for Togepi. They all think of the worst, but then Ash has the idea of getting the Pokémon to help them. Ash sends out his {{AP|Noctowl}} and {{an|Brock}} sends out his {{TP|Brock|Golbat}} to help look for Togepi.
In another place, Houndoom is trying to jump over some rocks when an angry {{p|Gyarados}} knocks it into the water. Houndoom struggled with Togepi to get up the shore and this greatly weakens Houndoom as he fell into a short daze. At this time, Togepi tries to climb up a hill, but starts to fall. Houndoom acts fast and saves his little friend. They make their way all the way up to the top of the hill and find a field of flowers with some {{t|Grass}} and {{type2type|Bug}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. Togepi has some fun, but Houndoom thinks that it is in trouble and tries to save it. The problem is that it makes a {{p|Venusaur}} angry and {{m|Sleep Powder|puts them to sleep}}.
Back with the gang, Noctowl finds the footprints of Togepi, but there are another set of footprints. Meanwhile, Togepi finally wakes up Houndoom and they get on their way again. Ash and company are hot on Togepi's trail though and they run across the same rocks and see the same Gyarados, but Ash noted it as the young Gyarados. They find a hill and climb up it to find the same field of flowers that Togepi and Houndoom were in earlier.