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Back at the river, Ash and friends, trying to think of a way to cross the river, spy a fisherman in a row boat. The fisherman agrees to take them across in exchange for a captured {{p|Sudowoodo}}, a species which supposedly lives on a nearby mountain. The friends begin looking for Sudowoodo; even {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} tries to help. Surprisingly, Psyduck happens upon a Sudowoodo almost immediately. The Imitation Pokémon poses as a tree, confusing Psyduck by moving back and forth. Psyduck tries to alert Misty, but Misty doesn't see through Sudowoodo's camouflage - until it moves. Discovered, Sudowoodo panics and runs, followed closely by Ash, Misty, and Brock.
After losing track of Sudowoodo, the gang enters a clearing, surprised to see a man and a woman in laboratory coats standing on tree stumps and arguing. The man introduces himself as [[Pierre]] and the woman introduces herself as [[Marie]]. Apparently, they're up in the mountains to work on a research paper about the local habitat and the Sudowoodo. The two disagree about Sudowoodo: Pierre agrees with the general scientific consensus that Sudowoodo is a Rock type, while Marie doubts that assertion, citing its {{type2type|Grass}} appearance and reports of the Pokémon using {{typ2|Fire}} attacks. Pierre seems to rely primarily on printed material, in contrast to Marie, who prefers first-hand research. Ash then gets an idea: he can use {{AP|Noctowl}} to search for the elusive Pokémon.
While Noctowl searches, Marie informs Ash, Misty, and Brock that Sudowoodo can appear similar to many types of {{wp|trees}}, even to the extent of changing colors with the seasons. But Pierre immediately casts doubt on the likelihood of Sudowoodo being a Grass-type. According to his books, "Sudowoodo gather branches to look like trees." Then Noctowl appears, having sighted a Sudowoodo. As Ash and the rest approach the Pokémon, Sudowoodo notices them and flees. As fleet of foot as it may be, [[Ash's Chikorita]] proves just as fast. The desperate Sudowoodo turns around and uses what looks like {{m|Vine Whip}}. Chikorita easily deflects the vine with the leaf on its head, however, sending Sudowoodo's "Vine Whip" into the hands of Marie, who realizes disappointedly that Sudowoodo had simply been holding a vine. Sudowoodo then uses "{{m|Razor Leaf}}", but the leaves are all dried up, adding to the group's confusion. Ash has Chikorita Vine Whip Sudowoodo. Things look bad for the Imitation Pokémon until it suddenly lashes out with a very real-looking Vine Whip, sending Chikorita flying. Marie suggests that Ash use a different Pokémon to battle Sudowoodo in order to test its attacks again, so Ash recalls Chikorita and sends out {{AP|Totodile}}. Both Sudowoodo and Totodile do a bit of dancing before Ash tells Totodile to {{m|Tackle}} the Pokémon, but Sudowoodo narrowly steps out of the way. It also avoids Totodile's {{m|Water Gun}} by jumping frantically about. Misty observes that "Sudowoodo seems to hate that water," suggesting once again that the Pokémon is a Rock-type. Finally, Ash has Totodile attempt to {{m|Bite}} Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo is chased until it suddenly disappears into the ground. Ash wonders if Sudowoodo has just demonstrated {{m|Dig}}, meaning it might be a Ground type, but then Sudowoodo comes back up - in a net.