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There is a news reporter at the desk writing an article about a certain Pokémon. He wants a "Pro Pokémon Catcher" to help him write the article by giving him the certain Pokémon to see. The man asks the player each day to see a different Pokémon in order to write his article. The Pokémon he asks for are always Pokémon that the player has already seen or caught. The player has until the end of the day to catch and show him the chosen Pokémon he asks for. In return, he randomly awards the player with one of these [[Poké Ball]]s ×3:
* {{bag|Poké Ball}} {{DLball|Poké Ball|Poké Ball}}
* {{bag|Great Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Great Ball}}
* {{bag|Ultra Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Ultra Ball}}
* {{bag|Luxury Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Luxury Ball}}
* {{bag|Net Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Net Ball}}
* {{bag|Dive Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Dive Ball}}
* {{bag|Nest Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Nest Ball}}
* {{bag|Repeat Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Repeat Ball}}
* {{bag|Timer Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Timer Ball}}
* {{bag|Heal Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Heal Ball}}
* {{bag|Dusk Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Dusk Ball}}
* {{bag|Quick Ball}} {{DL|Poké Ballball|Quick Ball}}
All types of the Poké Balls available in the Sinnoh-based games are available, except for [[Master Ball]]s, {{DL|Poké Ballball|Premier Ball}}s, {{DL|Poké Ballball|Cherish Ball}}s, {{DL|Poké Ballball|Safari Ball}}s, and {{DL|Poké Ballball|Park Ball}}s.
This is the only way to obtain Dive Balls in Diamond and Pearl without using [[Pal Park]].