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===Wii Menu===
[[File:Disc channel.jpg|thumb|right|200px|The Wii Disc Channel]]
The console features a custom GUI made up of different—and expandable—channels, all of which, save the Disc Channel, can be moved around to any of the 47 spaces available on the main menu. New channels can be downloaded via the Wii Shop Channel, including a Browserbrowser and games from older systems playable via Virtual Console. The channels can be put on an SD card, and with the introduction of Wii Menu 3.3, SD Card menus can be accessed straight from the main one.
Wii also has the ability to send messages to and from other devices, so long as the Wii sends out the first message, an address book confirmation message, to the email address or cell phone number in question. When the recipient replies to the Wii's message, communication between the two devices will be active, and via WiiConnect24, others can leave messages for players of the console on its message board from anywhere in the world.
==External links==
*[ http://www.nintendo.co.jp/wii/index.html Nintendo] (Japanese)