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A new challenge and a new adventure begins ourthe story as we begin the second part of the Kanto Pokémon Contest begins. With {{an|May}} successfully registered for the contestContest, we step upon a new frontier. Lilian begins with usual announcements and to start the contestContest off and explain the prizes and rules. May is watching a nearby television which is broadcasting the contestContest information as she confirms to {{TP|May|Squirtle}} that they will win the contestContest. Harley interrupts with his usual devious talk, attempting to 'apologize' to May. When May bluntly tells him to drop the act, he can see it will not work, and contemptuously proclaims that he will defeat her.
Lilian then introduces the judges comprising of the Kanto Contest. She then asks the crowd if they are ready. The crowd explodes in a gigantic roar as Lilian officially starts the contestContest. [[James]] then wonders if Jessie has a chance. {{MTR}} replies with a no.
Harley is the first contestant and calls upon his Cacturne who then uses {{m|Cotton Spore}}. Cacturne then begins slowly rotating the spores in the air and finally uses {{m|Needle Arm}} uniquely, sending spikes from its whole body through all of the spheres which create a magnificent array of colors.
Lilian then introduces May, with her Squirtle observing at her side. Squirtle seems to become agitated from the crowds of people in the stands and begins to become nervous. May then reassures that it'll get over it and calls upon {{TP|May|Combusken}}, which gracefully releases from its [[Poké Ball]] and lands on the ground. May then unties and throws her bandanna towards Combusken as it propels it with a {{m|Fire Spin}} high above the arena. Combusken then jumps through its ring of fire and begins pelting it with {{m|Sky Uppercut}}, which knots it back into its normal state. Combusken then delivers one last uppercut to tied bandanna which then flies back towards May and lands perfectly atop her head. Combusken lands in front of May and they finish in a stance as the crowd goes wild, shouting and cheering. Everyone seems to be pleased with May's performance, except Harley who seems to be disappointed with her success.
The next eight contestants are then announced which include both May and Jessie. James seems to be pleased that Jessie passed the first round as Max exhibits the same emotion about his sister, May. The contestants are then shuffled with battle match ups being created. Jessie versus Harley while May is to challenge another participant in the contestContest. May is very exuberant and excited about her performance as Harley interrupts her again. He then begins off with his usual threats as she fires back quickly with a response to his statements.
A strange person then interrupts May and Harley which are wrapped in some white cloth and appear to be a mummy. The unknown person then removes the confinement and reveals herself to be the "Empress Coordinator" Jessibella. Harley and Jessibella then both mention that they're going to beat each other and then May. The second part of the contestContest is to begin with Lilian introducing the first battle round with Jessie versus Harley. Harley quickly releases his Ariados while Jessie calls upon Wobbuffet. Both James and Meowth are confused about Jessie's choice of Wobbuffet for the second round. Jessie's plan is to have Wobbuffet use {{m|Mirror Coat}} just as Ariados fires an attack which will then reflect upon Wobbuffet and backfire. Harley seems reluctant with making the first move, while Wobbuffet ''can't'' attack, and they keep telling the other to attack. Lilian then reveals that she has no choice but to dock them each a yellow card, which subtracts half the points from both participants scores. Both Harley and Jessie argue back and forth as Lilian is about to deduct the other half of their points for the two's bickering. Contesta mentions that another yellow card would mean disqualification. Harley then asks Lilian to wait and Ariados fires a stream of {{m|String Shot}} towards Wobbuffet. Jessie directs Wobbuffet to use Mirror Coat but it quickly fails as Ariados entangles Wobbuffet with its sticky fluid. Brock commends the strategy and explains that since String Shot is a [[Status move|defensive move]], Mirror Coat nor {{m|Counter}} will work, as they only work with attacks. Ariados then starts to move Wobbuffet around like a puppet with its attached strings, as points are quickly deducted from Jessie's score. Jessie's points continue to drop as they near closer and closer to zero. The crowd seems to be enjoying Harley and Ariados's puppet show with Wobbuffet. Ariados then finishes the round and sends Wobbuffet hurling through the arena and landing on Ariados's back. The rest of Jessie's points are deducted and Harley advances to the next round. Jessie then falls to the ground turning white as James and Meowth do exactly the same.
Intervals between May and Harley's rounds are shown with Squirtle knocking out Crobat with a powerful {{m|Bubble}} and Ariados entangling a Walrein in a sticky web. Squirtle delivers a devastating {{m|Tackle}} to a Weepinbell, knocking it out. With both May and Harley advancing through their rounds, both have arrived at the final match.
Lilian quickly starts the match as May calls upon Squirtle and Harley calls out Ariados. Ariados attaches itself to the ceiling with its sticky String Shot, then moves towards Squirtle and uses {{m|Scary Face}}. Lilian compliments the move. Squirtle then recovers and directs an {{m|Ice Beam}} towards Ariados, but it quickly dodges it and the beam disperses. Squirtle is knocked onto its back from not being able to handle Ice Beam's power and can't seem to get back up on its feet. Ariados then retracts up into the ceiling and attaches its String Shot onto Squirtle's body. Ariados then pulls up and grasps Squirtle as points are deducted from May's score. Ariados then creates a gigantic {{m|Spider Web}} around the arena for style points as the crowd roars on. Ariados spins Squirtle around in a circle on a rope of String Shot and sends it hurling towards the web, entangling its back in the sticky confinement. Additional points are then deducted from May's score as Squirtle struggles to get free and she seems to be in a little bit of trouble. Ariados then descends down from the ceiling to the web and begins walking towards Squirtle as it starts to panic. As Ariados comes forward with {{m|Double-Edge}}, Squirtle sends a Bubble towards Ariados, but it quickly blocks the attack with its antenna and continues towards Squirtle as additional points are removed from May's score. May then recalls Squirtle's last attempt of Ice Beam which sent it hurling backwards because of its devastating power. Squirtle then launches a devastating Ice Beam which sends it flying backwards to the stage floor and freeing it from the web. Ariados makes direct contact with the beam and is encased in a icy prison, as the rest of the web is frozen in glittering ice. Squirtle then hops atop the frozen web and delivers a devastating Bubble to Ariados, which shatters the surrounding ice and throws it backward. Ariados tries to stop itself, but its feet can't get any grip on the frozen web, as Squirtle descends towards Ariados, sliding surfer-style and Tackles it. Ariados is sent flying downward, crashing into the stage and knocking it out as Squirtle neatly lands on its feet on top of Ariados. Ariados is announced as unable to battle and May is declared the winner. Squirtle comes running back to May as Ash and the group then compliments her from the stands. Harley thinks that the contestContest was rigged and walks off in a huff. The crowd explodes as May is awarded her first Kanto Ribbon.
Outside Saffron Hall, May says she wants to practice all of her moves as Ash mentions his excitement for the Battle Arena. The group then walks into the sunset.