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'''Cocoa''' (Japanese: '''チョウコ''' ''Chōko'') is one of the [[characters of the day]] in ''[[DP086|Arriving in Style!]]''.
Like [[Paris]], she is also a [[Pokémon stylist]]. She entered the {{ci|Hearthome}} Collection contestContest along with {{an|Dawn}} and {{Ash}}. Cocoa is a little conceited and somewhat of a snob. She yelled at [[Dawn's Buneary]] because the latter wanted to touch her dress. She also made fun of her.
In the contestContest Cocoa gave an impressive show with her {{p|Mismagius}}. However Paris's teacher, [[Hermione]], was not impressed. She made it into the top three along with Ash and Dawn. Much to her dislike, she ended up in third place while Dawn won the prize.
Her name is likely a reference to the famous French fashion designer, {{wp|Coco Chanel|Coco Chanel}}.