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===The First Decision: The Starter Pokémon===
* The '''starter Pokémon''' (Japanese: はじめてのポケモン Beginning Pokémon or さいしょのポケモン first Pokémon,) is the first Pokémon a new {{pkmn|Trainer}} receives at the beginning of his or her journey.
* Starter Pokémon are typically provided by the region {{pkmn|Professor|professors}}, such as [[Professor Oak]] and [[Professor Birch]].
* Trainers can typically select from three Pokémon. As of Generation V, the main starters have all consisted of {{t|Fire}}, {{t|Water}} and {{type2|Grass}} Pokémon.
* {{game|Yellow}} has players start off with a {{p|Pikachu}}, designed to emulate {{Ash}} getting {{AP|Pikachu}} as his starter.
* In the anime, Starter Pokémon are hatched and cared for in secret breeding grounds prior to being given to Trainers.
* [[Junichi Masuda]] mentioned in an interview in 2009 that when formulating new Pokémon for a region, the starter Pokémon get the most work put into.