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Anime evidence: This was never said.
==Anime evidence==
In the beginning, Pikachu "fried" Misty's bike, and she then held Ash responsible. Misty began to follow Ash to make sure he would pay off his debt to her. They bickered constantly, but, needless to say, their friendship grew stronger as the series progressed. They relied on each other not only for friendship, but for support as well. Many fans have taken quotes and actions by characters as evidence for PokéShipping in the anime, however some of this evidence appears only in the dub version and can still be taken as friendship depending on your point of view. In the original Japanese, the dialogue is read as a friendship between Ash and Misty with no romantic undertones; however, the writers in Japan have stated there is a mild crush going on but they are too young to realize their feelings. In a reverse fashion, many of the quotes in support of PokéShipping in the Japanese version were changed completely when translated into the English dub to come across more like friendship.
===Misty's hints===