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The Pokémon franchise first reached the '''{{wp|Czech Republic}}''' in October 1999, when [[Pokémon Red and Blue Versions]] were released. The anime followed in September 2000, when ''[[EP001|Pokémone, volím si tebe!]]'' premiered in Czech.
==Pokémon games==
All [[Pokémon games]] sold in Czech stores are in English.Since The2000, gamesNintendo areproducts have been distributed by ConQuest Entertainment, the official Czech distributor of [[Nintendo]] games and consoles.<ref></ref>
==Pokémon anime==
===TV series===
In September 2000, {{wp|TV Nova}} started to air the [[Pokémon anime]] on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Without breaks, 208 episodes of seasons 1-4 (sans [[banned episodes]], but including [[Holiday Hi-Jynx]] and [[Snow Way Out!]]) aired until August 2002. From June 2003 to September 2005, TV Nova aired reruns of these episodes. No Pokémon episodes have aired on TV Nova since then.
Cable channel {{wp|Disney Channel (Central and Eastern Europe)|Fox Kids}} aired season 3 ([[EP106]]—[[EP157]]) in 2004.
Some chosen episodes of seasons 1-4 also aired on another cable channel, '''A+'''. This channel was later replaced by Animax, which has not aired Pokémon.
The [[Pokémon: Master QuestS05|fifth season]], as well as the entire {{series|Advanced Generation}}, were skipped in the Czech Republic, but it's translated by fans, along with Advanced Generation series and banned episodes.
However, on January 5, 2009, [[Pokémon: Diamond and PearlS10|season 10]] premiered on [['''Jetix]]'''. After its airing, [[Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Battle DimensionS11|season 11]] premiered on March 5, 2009. Until Jetix was rebrandedre-branded to Disney Channel in September 19, 2009, Jetix aired reruns of season 11. After that, Pokémon was dropped until March 1, 2010 when [[Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Galactic BattlesS12|season 12]] was announced to premiere on Disney Channel. But instead, reruns of season 11 aired. At the end of March, even these reruns stopped again.
After weeks of fan speculation, season 12 finally aired on Disney Channel on July 5, 2010.
InOn December 5, 2009, ''[[DP001|Following a Maiden's Voyage!]]'' premiered on {{wp|TV Prima}}. Since then, the station has been broadcasting Pokémon regularly on weekend mornings for more than a year and aired all episodes from seasons 10 and 11.
In 2011, TV Barrandov gained broadcasting rights for the Diamond and Pearl series. Season 10 premiered on TV Barrandov inon September 5, 2011. Season 11 and season 12 followed shortly after. For the first time in history, episode title cards have been localized into Czech. Later in April 2012, [[Pokémon Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League VictorsS13|season 13]] premiered on TV Barrandov. ThisThe resultedepisodes inwere twocropped televisionto premieres4:3 atformat theand sameunlike timeseason -12, firstall broadcasttext ofwas SLVleft in the Czech Republic and first broadcast of the series in HDEnglish. After ending season 13, the station is airingaired reruns of season 12. AllIn futureSeptember Pokémon2012, seasons[[S14|season 14]] started airing, includingfollowed Blackby &[[S15|season White15]] in November. The localized title cards made their return and Blackthe &show Whitewas aired in 16:9 Rivalfor Destiniesthe first time. After that, willthe premierestation exclusivelycontinued onwith TVreruns Barrandovof thanksseasons 10 to a15 recentuntil dealAugust signed2014, withwhen the show was removed from Cartoonschedule Networkaltogether.
===Movies===Seasons [[S5|5]] to [[S9|9]] as well as [[S16|season 16]] were never aired and are only available in the form of fansubs.
In 2001, ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'' and ''[[M02|The Power of One]]'' premiered in Czech cinemas and later both movies were also released on VHS and DVD. In March 2002, ''[[M03|Spell of the Unown]]'' was released only on VHS. All movies were distributed by '''Warner Bros. Czech Republic'''.
AllSeasons three[[S17|17]], movies[[S18|18]] alsoand later[[S19|19]] airedare oncurrently HBOavailable and HBO 2on channels[[Netflix]].
In 2004, '''SPI International Czech Republic''' released ''[[M04|Celebi: Voice of the Forest]]''' direct to video on VHS. The movie often airs on SPI-owned channels '''Filmbox''' and '''Filmbox Extra'''.===Movies===
In 2001, ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'' and ''[[M02|The Power of One]]'' premiered in Czech cinemas and later both movies were also released on VHS and DVD. In March 2002, ''[[M03|Spell of the Unown: Entei]]'' was released only on VHS. All movies were distributed by '''Warner Bros. Czech Republic'''. All three movies also later aired on HBO and HBO 2 channels.
OnIn June 142004, 2009,'''SPI International Czech Republic''' released ''[[M11M04|GiratinaCelebi: andThe theVoice Skyof the WarriorForest]]''' direct to premieredvideo on JetixVHS. It was firstalso Pokémonfrequently movieaired releasedon inSPI-owned thechannels Czech'''Filmbox''' Republicand since'''Filmbox MovieExtra''' 4from in2008 2004to 2013. In 2012, it was rereleased on DVD.
On June 14, 2009, ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]'' premiered on Jetix. It was first Pokémon movie released in the Czech Republic since Movie 4 in 2004. On January 24, 2010 Filmbox HD (owned by SPI International) premiered ''[[M06|Jirachi: Wish Maker]]''. On February 14, 2010, the same channel premiered ''[[M07|Destiny Deoxys]]''.
In 2016, Netflix began streaming ''[[M17|Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction]]'' and ''[[M18|Hoopa and the Clash of Ages]]'', followed by ''[[M19|Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel]]'' on January 4, 2018, and ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'' on January 1, 2019. A Czech version of ''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}'' was also shown in cinemas on May 9, 2019.
The dub director was '''Jitka Tošilová''', who also worked as dialog editor. Seasons 1-3 and movies 1 and 2 were translated by '''Klára Cabalková''', movie 3 was translated by '''Blažena Kukulišová''', season 4 was translated by '''Silvie Šustrová'''. Sound editor was '''Miloš Zajdl'''.
The leading role of [[Ash Ketchum]] was given to '''Radek Škvor''', who was ten years old at the time the show first reached the Czech Republic, making him the same age as his character. Radek's older brother '''Jan Škvor''' later voiced [[Tracey Sketchit]] the following season.; AlongJan withreplaced fellowhis mainbrother castas memberthe voice of Ash beginning in [[XY050]]. '''Eva Spoustová''', who provides the voice of {{an|Misty}}, Radek is one of the only two cast membersmember to keep theirher role throughout the entire series.
The third main character, {{an|Brock}}, was voiced by '''Martin Písařík''', who was mistakenly credited as '''Petr Písařík''' in seasons 1-3 and movies 1 and 2.
[[Team Rocket]]'s [[Jessie]], [[James]] and {{MTR}} were dubbed by '''Dana Černá''', '''Michal Michálek''', and '''Zbyšek Pantůček''' respectively. Their boss [[Giovanni]] was dubbed by '''Pavel Soukup''', one of most popular Czech actors and voice actors, who also dubbed the [[narrator]]. For reasons unknown, Giovanni was portrayed by '''Jiří Plachý''' in the first movie, even though Soukup was still providing the role of narrator in the movie.
Other notable voice actors in the AVF's Czech dub of the Pokémon anime include '''Kateřina Lojdová''' as [[Officer Jenny]], '''Klára Jandová''' as [[Nurse Joy]], '''Jiří PrágrPrager''' as [[Professor Oak]], '''Jana Páleníčková''' as [[Cassidy]] and some other side characters and '''Jan Maxián''' as [[Brad Van Darn]] and some other characters.
Movie 4 was dubbed in {{wp|Brno}} based dub studio '''EbytEbbi'''. The dub director was '''Jindřich Stožický''', translator '''Renata Pruklová''', dialog editors '''Filip Stožický''' and '''Radka Přibyslavská'''. Sound editor was not credited.
Since the dub of movie 4 was done in Brno, only two of original cast were willing to travel from Prague to Brno. These two was Radek Škvor as Ash and Eva Spoustová as Misty. All other characters were recasted. Brock was voiced by '''Jiří Balcárek''', James by '''Robert Jícha''', Jessie by '''Radka Přibyslavská''', Meowth by '''Maxmilián Hornyš''' and old professor Oak by '''Milan Horský'''. Sammy, young professor Oak was voiced by '''Klára Sochorová''' and [[Iron-Masked Marauder]] was voiced by popular Brno's actor and voice actor '''Zdeněk Junák'''. The role of Narrator was provided by another famous Brno's actor and voice actor '''Aleš Jarý'''.
Unsurprisingly to Czech fans, season 10, 11 and movie 11 were dubbed by Prague based '''DW Agentura''', who worked on all Jetix dubs. The dub director was '''Alice Hurychová''', who is well- known as the dub director for theseveral {{wp|Harry Potter (film series)|Harry Potter movies}}. Many different translators, dialog editors and sound editors worked on this dub.
Radek Škvor and Michal Michálek reprised their roles and Pavel Soukup returned as narrator but not as Giovanni. Eva Spoustová also returned, but now, she voiced [[Jessie]] and [[Nurse Joy]]. Meowth was now voiced by '''Marek Libert'''. '''Rosita Mary Erbanová''', credited as '''Rozita Erbanová''' was chosen as the voice of {{an|Dawn}}.
Well known Czech actor, singer and composer '''Jan Maxián''' took over the role of Brock, as well as that of Professor Oak. Jan's work on Professor Oak caused controversy amongst Czech Pokémon fans, many of which stated Maxián's voice is too young for Professor Oak. When Professor Oak appeared again in [[DP003]], however, '''Zdeněk Hruška''', who also voiced [[Paul]] and Giovanni in season 10, took over the role. Maxián also sung ''{{so|Diamond and Pearl}}'' and ''[[We Will Be Heroes]]'', and gave his voice to [[Saturn]], and other minor characters.
The role of Officer Jenny was taken by Jana Páleníčková, who also reprised her role of Cassidy in [[DP065]] and voiced some other characters.
In season 11, the roles of Paul and professor Oak were taken by '''Michal Holán''', who also voiced some other characters in both season 10 and 11, including the role of [[Kenny (Sinnoh){{si|Kenny]]}}. The role of Giovanni was taken by Marek Libert in season 11.
Other notable voice actors in DW Agentura's dub were '''Klára Šumanová''' as {{an|May}}, [[Angie]], and other roles; and '''Vojtěch Hájek''' as {{an|Barry}}, [[Crasher Wake]] and some other roles.
No changes were done in main cast voices, but there are some changes in side characters. The most significant is return of '''Jiří Prágr''' as Professor Oak. Another notable new voice is '''Ladislav Cigánek''', who voiced [[Byron]] and some other characters.
Later cast arrivals are '''Ivana Korolová''' as [[Iris]] and '''Pavel Dytrt''' as [[Cilan]] and [[Trip]].
In 2001, the soundtrack album ''[[Pokémon 2.B.A. Master]]'' was translated into Czech under the title ''{{tt|Pokémon, - Chyťte je všechny!|Pokémon, Catch 'em all!}}''. The ''[[Totally Pokémon]]'' CD was also translated to Czech later that year, titled ''{{tt|Pokémon, Johtovy Cesty|Pokémon Johto's Journeys}}<!--The Czech title incorrectly implies that Johto is a character, not a location-->''.
==Pokémon Trading Card Game==
The cards of [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] sold in Czech stores are sold in English. The distributor of Pokémon Trading Card Game is ADC Blackfire Entertainment, who also distributes some Pokémon toys in Czech Republic.
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==External links==
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