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After eating a burger, Ash and Max head off to the alleyways in the city, where they peer in looking for Pokémon and spot a {{p|Shroomish}}, who doesn't look too happy. Max wants to feed it and make friends with it, so Ash hands over some Pokémon food. Shroomish is suspicious and uses {{m|Stun Spore}}; Ash and Max quickly back away. Afterwards, Ash takes out some of Brock's Pokémon food, stacks it on a piece of paper and sets it in front of the Shroomish. Shroomish still doesn't want to eat it, until {{AP|Pikachu}} jumps down from Ash's shoulder and takes a piece to show that it's safe to eat. Shroomish tries the food and loves it.
Ash and Max are surprised because Shroomish is in the city instead of the forest, where it normally would be. They think it might have been separated from its trainerTrainer and maybe they should take it to a [[Pokémon Center]]. Max takes out a handkerchief and ties it around the top of Shroomish's head, as a gift. Shroomish is very happy with this. Max picks up Shroomish and they head off.
Brock and May are inspecting the haunted mansion, and Brock comments that they really should let it go. May's still very excited about the prospect of ghosts.