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== Synopsis ==
{{Ash}}, {{an|Misty}}, and {{an|Brock}} are walking through a forest, headed for [[Johto]]'s [[Violet City]], where Ash plans to challenge the local [[Falkner|Gym Leader]] for a badgeBadge. While walking, the group comes across a part of the forest where the trees have no leaves. This confounds the group; Brock mentions that there are no signs of damage to the trees, nor is it the right season for the leaves to be falling off. {{AP|Pikachu}} suddenly spots something, and the group notices a single large, healthy tree among the dead-looking trees, one which has a number of large, dark bug-like Pokémon clamped onto its trunk. A closer look reveals that the Pokémon are lapping up a golden substance that is leaking from the trunk.
Misty expresses her disgust in the bug Pokémon, while Ash brings out his new [[Pokédex]] and scans them. The Pokédex identifies the Pokémon as {{p|Heracross}}, mentioning their docile nature, great strength, and their preferred food: tree sap. Ash, thinking that the tree is in danger from all of the Heracross feeding on its sap, wants to capture them all and try to save the tree. Before he can toss a [[Poké Ball]], however, a voice behind him tells him to stop. Ash, Misty, and Brock turn around to see a man in a red uniform, who tells him that capturing the Heracross will only cause more damage to the forest.