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{{Adv|Green}} and {{DL|Sabrina|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Sabrina}} are searching for the {{DL|Elite Four|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Elite Four}} in the {{isl|Cerise}} [[Cave]] when they see something very, very unusual to be in a cave, and to be floating over a spiky rock: a {{Badge|Marsh|trainerTrainer Badge}}! And suddenly, Green and Sabrina are ice handcuffed together! {{DL|Lorelei|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Lorelei}} appears and explains that when she marks an '×' on an ice doll with her lipstick, an ice handcuff appears there, and that if a part of the ice doll shatters, then that place on the victim shatters too! [[Lorelei's Cloyster]] then flashes an {{m|Ice Beam}} at Green and Sabrina, who jump to opposite directions and only miss the Ice Beam by falling. Green then sends out her {{DL|Green (Adventures)|Nido}} and tells it to use {{m|Double Kick}}, while Sabrina has her {{DL|Sabrina|Venomoth}} use {{m|Sleep Powder}}. Lorelei's Cloyster blows the Sleep Powder away with a {{m|Blizzard}} attack, and the Sleep Powder lands on Nido, who falls asleep instantly. Lorelei sends out {{p|Jynx}}, and it uses {{m|Thrash}}, which misses Sabrina and (especially) Green. Sabrina wonders if Lorelei is aiming all her attacks at Green. Lorelei shows them {{DL|Green (Adventures)|Horsea}}, and tells them that her {{p|Slowbro}} brought her "this little present", and tells them that if they want {{p|Horsea}} back, they will have to come to Lorelei. Green walks over, and Lorelei gives back Horsea but has her Jynx {{m|pound}} them, knocking Green unconscious. Sabrina ''was'' right: Lorelei was trying to hit Green so that Sabrina would have to pull Green along by herself. Sabrina's Venomoth tries to steal the voodoo dolls, but Cloyster {{m|Withdraw|closes its shell}}. Venomoth tries again and again, but Cloyster closes its shell twice more. Lorelei notices something and pulls the voodoo dolls out from inside {{p|Cloyster}}'s shell. Cloyster then faints from Venomoth's repeating {{m|Mega Drain}} attack.
==Major events==