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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

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===PokéPark Pad===
The PokéPark Pad provides access to an important game menu, it is received by {{p|Chatot}} at PokéPark's entrance. It allows the player to view the amount of berriesBerries Pikachu is currently holding, the amount of friends Pikachu has, the remaining Camera film, Pikachu's profile picture (chosen at the file selection screen) and allows access to three menus.
====Pikachu's Stats====
Berries are the main currency in PokéPark, and they are required to enter the various Attractions, stat lessons, and various other things. Attractions accessible later in the game usually cost more berriesBerries, for example {{P|Bastiodon}}'s Block Barrage costs 20 berriesBerries and {{P|Bulbasaur}}'s Daring Dash costs 5 berriesBerries. They come in three different colors, each worth different amounts. Green is worth 10 berriesBerries, Red is worth 20 berriesBerries, and Gold is worth 50 or 100 berriesBerries. They can be found within crates, in trees, in vases, and given away when the player win a Skill Game or an Attraction.
Each Attraction is a mini-game designed to test the player's skills. All attractions require berriesBerries to play. The cheapest being 5 berriesBerries and the most being 40. The amount of berriesBerries spent to play an attraction determines the amount of berriesBerries earned when the player achieves the bonus score. A Sky Prism Piece is awarded to the player when an Attraction bonus is achieved for the first time. Players must clear each zone's Attractions to make progress in the adventure. After beating the game, stronger Pokémon (often legendary Pokémon) can be unlocked by achieving the bonus requirements for all possible playable Pokémon in that attraction. Pikachu is an exception to this rule, however, since the player needs a password for him to have access to certain attractions. The unlockable Pokémon is always the best possible candidate for playing the respective attraction.
== Passwords ==
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