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There are also a number of stats not displayed on pucks that each Pokémon possesses. '''Cost''' is a value rated by stars and is proportionately linked to the puck rarity. Pokémon with higher costs are often more powerful and will therefore suffer more as a result of '''Exhaustion'''. Exhaustion is a graded numerical value based on the cost rating and determines how much Attack and Defense a Pokémon will lose once it has launched an attack. It may take several turns for the Pokémon to fully recover. The '''Critical Hit Ratio''' is also proportionately linked to puck rarity. Rarer more powerful Pokémon will have a lower Critical Hit Ratio compared to that of weaker ones. Successfully landing a Critical Hit will have 120% effectiveness. '''Movement''' determines how quickly a Pokémon will move on-screen when pucks are moved. Pokémon can either be slow, normal, or fast. Some Pokémon may also have a '''Secret Power''', which gives a small Attack or Defense bonus depending on their position of the field.
With the Battrio V upgrade, all stats are now displayed on the reverse of the puck - only '''Level''' is displayed on the front, which gives a rough indication as to Pokémon's strength. Attack and Defense remain colored red and blue respectively, but Speed is recolored green and is more akin to the original Movement stat than Attack speed. Stats are now displayed in blocks ranging from 1-10, as opposed to 5. By reaching a certain level of type proficiency through battling, players with Memory Keys can take advantage of the new Level mechanic and "over-level" their Pokémon to increase their stats, as indicated by the yellow blocks on the reverse of the puck. All pucks also have an additional '''Feature''', which usually involves the use of other pucks to activate bonuses. Hidden stats Cost, Critical Hit Ratio, and Secret Power are no longer included on pucks from the Battrio V upgrade. Exhaustion is still present, but it is unknown how this is now calculated. New hidden stats include '''Berry Gauge''', which is graded from 1-5 and determines how many berriesBerries a Pokémon requires to attack, and '''Team Gauge''', which is graded from 1-6 and determines how easily collecting berriesBerries will fill up the Team Gauge; 6 requiring more to fill compared to 1.
| align="center" width="40px" style="background: #{{white color}}" | [[File:Battrio icon berry.png|30px]]
| style="font-size:90%; background: #{{white color light}}" | A large berryBerry will randomly drop on the field that is worth four normal berriesBerries
| align="center" width="40px" style="background: #{{white color}}" | [[File:Battrio icon HP.png|30px]]
| align="center" width="40px" style="background: #{{white color}}; {{roundytl|7px}}" | [[File:Battrio icon super berry.png|30px]]
| style="font-size:90%; background: #{{white color light}}; {{roundytr|7px}}" | A flashing red and white super berryBerry will randomly drop on the field for a limited time. Pokémon that pick it up will gain a temporary attack and speed boost and are identified by a glowing aura
| align="center" width="40px" style="background: #{{white color}}; {{roundybl|7px}}" | [[File:Battrio icon V.png|30px]]
*'''Paralysis:''' A Pokémon inflicted with paralysis will move more slowly than normal and cannot pick up any berriesBerries.
*'''Slow-footed:''' All Pokémon on the opposing team will move more slowly than normal.
*'''Sleep:''' A Pokémon cannot be selected to attack for the turn after it was inflicted with sleep.
===Puck positioning===
====Prior to Battrio 0====
Before the actual battle phase, there is a pre-battle period indicated by a time bar in which players can arrange the positions of their Pokémon on the field. From the Battrio S upgrade onwards, berriesBerries will also drop randomly on each side of the field that players can move their Pokémon over to collect and increase their '''Fervor Gauge''' (see Battling).
When individual pucks are positioned in the various "arrangements" detailed below, those Pokémon will gain a small Attack or Defense increase that may give them an edge in battle. Specific groups of Pokémon together on the field can also activate [[Battrio combos|combo bonuses]], typically those of an [[Evolution|evolutionary line]] or related [[Legendary Pokémon]].
====In Battrio V====
The Battrio V upgrade no longer features the pre-battle period and the Power Zone mechanic, instead having an overall match timer. Battles are begun by the first Pokémon to accumulate enough berriesBerries to fill up their '''Berry Gauge''', requiring the player to continually move and monitor the Pokémon they wish to use in battle.
====In Battrio S====
Battrio S gave a major overhaul in terms of damage calculation in battles. Instead of basing this off the greatest value, it is based on the ''difference'' between the Attack of the attacking player's Pokémon and the Defense of the defending player's Pokémon. Additional bonuses such as those mentioned above then come into effect. Support Moves, which activate randomly may also provide their effects at this stage. In Battrio S, collecting berriesBerries during the pre-battle period also provides a '''Berry Bonus''' to the Pokémon attacking. Each berryBerry provides a +5 Attack bonus, and each Pokémon can collect up to 8 berriesBerries for a maximum bonus of +40. If a Pokémon has a Berry Special Ability, a large berryBerry will randomly spawn that is worth four times that of a normal berryBerry. After a Pokémon has attacked, all berriesBerries collected in the previous pre-battle period are reset. '''Cheering''', again only present in Battrio S, adds small amounts to Attack/Defense by pressing the confirm button in a timely manner when prompted during damage calulation. Another new feature introduced in Battrio S was '''Fervor''', which acts as a damage multiplier. The Fervor Gauge is present under the HP bar and can be filled by collecting berriesBerries that randomly appear during the pre-battle period between player's turns. Filling the gauge will increase Fervor by 0.5x increments up to a maximum of 4x, which can have a pivotal effect in damage calculation. The difference in damage is then dealt to the HP bar of the player who lost the battle.
====In Battrio 0====
A Pokémon that fills its Berry Gauge will initiate a battle. Instead of choosing an opponent, the attacking Pokémon goes up against all three opponent Pokémon. This phase is called the '''Type Battle'''. During this phase, three slider bars similar to the one introduced in Battrio 0 will appear displaying the types of the participating Pokémon. The player then has to hit the confirm button for each of these bars to determine if they will create a '''Danger Zone''' for their opponent to avoid. Hitting outside of the green area will not generate a Danger Zone; anywhere inside will generate a normal size Danger Zone. Hitting the red area (Great Success) will generate a larger than normal Danger Zone. The opponent then has just under three seconds to maneuver their pucks to avoid any Danger Zones before the attack commences (if all Danger Zones are strayed into, the timer is bypassed). Danger Zones appear as circles with a red 'X', but change to red pointed circles with 'キケン' ''danger'', when Pokémon stray into their path. The attack then commences, and damage is dealt to all three opposing Pokémon. Differences in Attack, Defense, type advantages/disadvantages and potential extra damage for Pokémon straying into Danger Zones is all taken into effect, but is not displayed as explicitly as previous Battrio versions. The total damage for all three Pokémon is displayed in the bottom corner of the screen and is the overall damage dealt to the opponent's HP bar. The process then continues until another Pokémon has filled its Berry Gauge.
Collecting berriesBerries will also fill up the '''Team Gauge'''. For teams of Pokémon that have the same spin colors, filling the Team Gauge up to the point indicated by a colored puck will allow the player to perform a '''{{Battrio|Spin Attack}}'''. For teams of Pokémon that have the same base puck colors, filling the Team Gauge up to the point indicated by the '''Advent''' symbol will summon one of a selection of powerful Pokémon depending on the base color.
Upon winning a certain amount of matches, players may also gain the ability to activate '''V Power''' in their next battle. V Power increases the rate at which berriesBerries are dropped on the player's side of the field, allowing them to fill up their Berry Gauges and Team Gauge faster.
==Game Modes==