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{{TRT}}, who have been listening in, discuss Fantina. [[James]] mentions that the "job description" reminds him of [[Juan|another Gym Leader]]. [[Jessie]] then decides that they need to figure out Fantina's style so that she can copy it to win contests.
In the nearby [[Pokémon Center]] Ash tries to persuade Fantina to go back to the gym so that he can challenge her. "Jessadia" then butts in and tries to get Fantina to talk about her role as a Gym Leader, but Fantina brushes them off, saying that she needs to go and train. Zoey then suggests that they will understand better if Fantina tells them why she became a traveling trainer. Fantina explains that with a lot of hard work, she was able to become top {{pkmn|Coordinator}} with her {{p|Misdreavus}}, and then the [[Hearthome Gym]], specializing in {{type|Ghost}}s was opened. However eventually some of the trainers would defeat her in a rematch, and she felt that she wanwasn't giving them a good enough battle. Brock states that he understands exactly how she feels from when he was the [[Pewter City]] Gym Leader. Fantina also states that she has been working on a new battle style which incorporates the beauty of a [[Contest]] battle and the ferocity of a Gym battle. She says that she hasn't quite got it quite right yet, but agrees to a battle, as one of the first things that traveling trainers do when they meet is battle. However her Pokémon are too tired for two battles, so Ash and {{an|Dawn}} use the coin toss app on her [[Pokétch]].
Dawn is fuming that she lost the coin toss as Ash and Fantina get ready for battle. Ash suggests that the battle should be three on three, over when all the Pokémon on one team are unable to battle. Fantina agrees and Dawn uses a coin toss to decide who should start the battle. Fantina wins the toss and goes first, while Jessie tells James to only focus the camera on Fantina. After Fantina holds up a [[Poké Ball]], Ash sends out {{AP|Buizel}} and Fantina sends out her {{TP|Fantina|Drifloon|Drifloon}}. Drifloon starts to use {{m|Ominous Wind}}. Buizel counters with {{m|Water Gun}}, but Drifloon dodges and hits Buizel. Buizel breaks out of the attack and hits Drifloon with {{m|Aqua Jet}}. Drifloon then puts Buizel to {{status|sleep}} with {{m|Hypnosis}}, before picking him up and waving him around, following up with {{m|Psychic}}. Buizel wakes up, but then promptly faints. Ash then sends out {{TP|Ash|Chimchar}}, who opens with a {{m|Flamethrower}}, but Drifloon stops it with Psychic and plays around with it before using {{m|Will-O-Wisp}} and following up with Hypnosis. Chimchar struggles to stay awake, but falls asleep. Ash recalls Chimchar and Dawn comments that it was good that Ash got Chimchar back in its Poké Ball, but Brock points out that unlike confusion, Pokémon continue to sleep even after they are returned to their Poké Ball.