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====In Battrio 0====
[[File:BattrioDamage.jpg|thumb|220px|An {{p|Infernape}} attacks a {{p|Torterra}}.]]
Instead of players attacking in alternate rounds, both players attack per round with two consecutive battles. In previous versions the player simply selected one of their Pokémon on the field to attack with, now the stats for each Pokémon are displayed for both players and each player must select one of their Pokémon within the 9 second time limit. This method puts more emphasis on anticipating your opponent to try andto gain an advantage.
The order of the attacks in each round is determined by the Pokémon with the highest Speed stat. As with previous versions, Attack/Defense bonuses, type advantages and Special Ability bonuses come into effect when calculating damage. A new feature in Battrio 0 is a slider that appears under the type icon of each Pokémon. The valid hit area of the slider depends on the type advantage/disadvantage of the attacking Pokémon, though the principle for each player remains the same: the closer to the center of the bar the marker is when the player hits the confirm button, the better the Attack or Defense bonus they will gain. Hitting the white line exactly in the center (called '''Great Success''') gives a maximum boost. Once all of the calculations have been completed, the difference in damage is taken from the HP of the loser of that battle. The process then repeats for the slower of the two Pokémon.