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Ash, Max, Pikachu and Shroomish stop in front of an old mansion. They're spotted by {{TRT}}, and Jessie and James immediately drop the log they're holding to hatch plan to catch Pikachu. Meowth is left holding the log, which drops on top of him. Shroomish, still in Max's arms, gets very distressed and runs off. Ash and Max follow it. Shroomish goes into the mansion through a broken window. Ash and Max see May and Brock just outside where Shroomish went in, and they're surprised to meet each other there. They are explaining what happened when a man comes up to them and tells them that they should not be there. He says it's impossible that there could have been a Shroomish, explaining that when he was a boy and his grandfather owned the mansion there were Shroomish everywhere. He loved playing with them as a kid but they all went away as the forest disappeared. Ash and Max insist, so he decides he'll have to go inside and see for himself. The others follow him.
Inside, they find Shroomish saying "mish, mish" very sadly. Two other Shroomish emerge and they all start talking, looking frightened. Pikachu goes to talk to them, while the humans decide that they must be upset because they'll have no home when the mansion is torn down. Team Rocket turns up to try andto capture Pikachu, with the help of {{TP|James|Cacnea}} and {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}. A whole herd of Shroomish stampede over them and use Stun Spore. Afterwards, Ash sees a picture on the table and they realize it's the man and his grandfather playing with the Shroomish.
Team Rocket decides they want revenge on the Shroomish and get hold of another vehicle. This one is airtight to stop the Stun Spores. They bash the mansion to force all the Shroomish out of the house, then pick them up with the machine one by one. The first Shroomish is angry and leads its comrades in a Stun Spore barrage, but since Team Rocket's vehicle is airtight, nothing gets through and that includes fresh air. The Stun Spores go off towards the city, but Brock's {{TP|Brock|Forretress}} heads it off with a {{m|Rapid Spin}} attack.