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At Ash's all-clear, the Heracross flies down and approaches Ash's Bulbasaur and Pikachu. Ash thinks that it wants to thank his Pokémon; however, Heracross begins to suck forcefully on the opening of Bulbasaur's bulb, causing Bulbasaur some degree of pain as it drains his pollen. Bulbasaur knocks Heracross off with a strong vine whip, sending him sprawling on his back in the grass. While the group muses over whether or not Heracross was protecting the Butterfree or its food source, Woodruff is worried about the Pinsir possibly coming back. He mentions that the Pinsir live in the forest on the opposite side of a river, and that something has been causing them to cross the river and invade Heracross territory. Misty, due to her fear of bug Pokémon, would rather leave the problem to itself and move on, but Ash and Brock want to help Woodruff and save the forest. Woodruff begins to lead them toward the Pinsir territory.
While Ash's Bulbasaur clears the path ahead using {{m|Razor Leaf}}, Ash notices the Heracross following them. Ash wonders if the Heracross wants him to protect it, but Misty mentions how Heracross liked Bulbasaur's nectar. Hearing this, Bulbasaur turns and confronts the Heracross, slinging a Razor Leaf at it to try andto scare it off. When Heracross looks up, confused, the group is further away down the path.
Once out of the woods, Ash recalls Bulbasaur. The group approaches a deep gorge which the river runs through. Woodruff calls attention to a rope bridge that he uses to cross, only to find that the bridge is down. Looking into the gorge, Misty sees the Pinsir getting across by jumping along tree limbs. Ash accuses the Pinsir of having cut the bridge ropes, but when Woodruff inspects the severed ends of the rope, he points out that the cut is different that what a Pinsir would make, and that it could have only been done by a human. Angry at whatever human had destroyed the bridge, the group then ponders how to cross the gorge. They hear a sound, and turn to find Heracross pushing on a tree. Misty begins to fuss at it, but Brock cuts her off, realizing that the Heracross is trying to push the tree over. The group jump out of the way as the tree comes crashing down, landing neatly across the gorge where the bridge used to be. The group are able to safely cross the river and enter the Pinsir forest, with the Heracross still following at a distance.