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She didn't bring out two Ambipoms
(She didn't bring out two Ambipoms)
Giratina and Dialga struggle, as Dialga breaks away and tries to exit the portal, as Shaymin lands on top of Giratina after Dialga breaks free. Dialga is able to poke its head through the portal, but Giratina again pulls it back into the Reverse World. Dialga and Giratina fight each other, as Shaymin absorbs a dark purple gas. Dialga uses {{m|Will-O-Wisp}} which hits Dialga as Shaymin hangs in there. Giratina uses Will-O-Wisp while Dialga dodges, and Shaymin is sent flying and uses {{m|Seed Flare}} to reopen the portal. Shaymin goes through the portal to the regular world, lands in the lake, and helplessly goes down the stream as Zero watches through his computer screen. Dialga again tries to enter the portal and is able to get its head through, but again Giratina drags it back into the Reverse World. Dialga uses {{m|Aura Sphere}} on Giratina and is able to finally exit the portal to the regular world. Giratina uses a clear beam from its mouth to reopen the portal, but a barrier is blocking it from exiting the Reverse World when it tries to exit. Giratina tries over and over to break through, but just cannot break through the barrier. Giratina's eyes glow red as it roars in frustration.
Dialga is free as the portal fully closes, leaving Giratina in the Reverse World. Dialga heads back to where it came form. Zero watches as Giratina continues to try and break through the barrier to exit the portal. Shaymin continues down the river and down the waterfall. With several {{p|Wingull}} on rocks, {{Ash}} looks out at the lake and then runs up the stairs to where {{an|Brock}} is making pancakes. Brock tells Ash that he must wash his hands, even though Ash pretends that he doesn't need to even with his dirty hands showing. {{an|Dawn}} was already washing her hands. Ash goes to wash his hands as Brock uncovers the [[Pokémon food]] to {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{TP|Dawn|Piplup}}. Dawn brings out {{TP|Dawn|Swinub}}, {{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}}, {{TP|Dawn|AmbipomBuneary}}, and {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}}. Ash brings out {{AP|Gliscor}}, {{AP|Chimchar}}, {{AP|Turtwig}}, {{AP|Staravia}}, and {{AP|Buizel}}. Brock brings out {{TP|Brock|Sudowoodo}}, {{TP|Brock|Happiny}}, and {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}}. As Ash and {{ashfr}} watch their Pokémon eat, Shaymin crawls on top of the table all covered in soot. Ash goes to eat the pancakes, but sees that Shaymin is eating the food already. Piplup tries to take the pancakes from it, but Shaymin keeps eating and accidentally bites down on Piplup's arm, making Piplup very upset. Shaymin shakes its body, making the soot blow everywhere and making everyone cough. Shaymin jumps on top of Pikachu, Ash's head while biting the hat, and then on top of the barbecue pit. It knocks it over as Brock was ready to use a pan if needed. Shaymin falls to the ground. The barbecue pit explodes as Shaymin absorbs the smoke from it and uses Seed Flare. The Seed Flare creates explosion sending everyone backwards and to the ground. Piplup yells at Shaymin, as the other Pokémon angrily approach it.
Dawn steps in to grab Shaymin before the Pokémon can attack, and brings it to the fountain to wash it off. Shaymin is completely cleaned as everyone looks on and it shakes off all of the water while splashing them. Shaymin reveals that it can communicate telepathically to everyone. Shaymin speaks of "that place" which no one understands what it's referring to. Shaymin turns red as it develops a fever, while Brock checks its forehead. Everyone returns their Pokémon to their {{Ball|Poké}}'s and heads to the [[Pokémon Center]]. At the Pokémon Center, [[Nurse Joy]] and {{p|Chansey}} are using a lamp-like scanner to check Shaymin's condition, as a computer shows the results of the scans. Brock puts on some glasses since Nurse Joy also wears them, and shows his love to her. Croagunk uses {{m|Poison Jab}} to stop him from continuing and drags him away. Dawn feeds Shaymin a brown piece of food. Ash introduces himself and Pikachu, as Shaymin blows smoke in his face. Nurse Joy explains how it absorbs dirty things, and lets them out with Seed Flare. Shaymin likes to make fun of Ash for not understanding what it's talking about. Ash was not pleased with how Shaymin was being so demanding. In another room, {{TRT}} listens in on the conversation about Shaymin. Shaymin jumps on top of Ash's head and makes him take it where it wants to go. Team Rocket closes the door to the other room, and decide that they want to steal Shaymin.