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'''Carrie''' is a characterlittle fromgirl who frequents [[PokémonGoldenrod GoldDepartment andStore]]. Silver|PokémonShe Gold,loves Silverto [[Mystery Gift]], with people and appears in [[Pokémon Crystal|andStadium Crystal2]]. to He'sMystery Gift with the opponentplayer through the [[Transfer Pak]]. As with any user of Mystery Gift, she will appear in [[Viridian City]]'s [[Viridian City#Trainer House|Trainer House]]. if Hisshe fieldwas and battlethe spriteslast areperson the sameplayer asused thatMystery ofGift thewith. maleAlso, [[playeras with any character]] battled in the Trainer House, her sprite will appear as that of [[GenerationGold II(game)|Gold]].
UnlikeShe other trainers, you can battle Carrie once per day. He'llwill use one of three teams of six Pokémon each. There is no set pattern to which team he'llshe will use. Regardless of which team youshe uses to battle, you'llshe will give getout [[Image:Pokébuck sign.gif]]5000 for winning the battle ([[Image:Pokébuck sign.gif]]10,000 with the Amulet Coin).
==Team Meganium1==
==Team Typhlosion2==
==Team Feraligatr3==
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