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That's where you're wrong.
m (Uh, isn't Cal the CPU opponent in Stadium 2? And I thought the guy at the Trainer House was named Carrie?)
(That's where you're wrong.)
'''Cal''' (Japanese: ヒカル '''Hikaru''') is a character intraveling [[Pokémon Stadium 2Trainer]]. He appearsfirst appeared in the[[Pokémon Battle NowGold and FreeSilver]], Battlein modeswhich ashe was a CPUtrainer opponent.that could Inbe Battlebattled Now,in he[[Viridian hasCity]]'s access[[Trainer toHouse]]. theHis samesprite Pokémonis poolsthat of the playermale does.playable character Inin FreePokémon BattleGold, CalSilver usesand aCrystal. teamHe ofonly Pokémonappears in the Trainer House if the player assignshas him,never exceptused in[[Mystery theGift]] casebefore. ofIf battlesthe underplayer Challengehas Cupused rulesMystery Gift, inhe whichis casereplaced Calwith recievesa Pokémontrainer randomly inwith the same wayname and party of the last person the player doesused Mystery Gift with.
He also appeared in Pokémon Stadium 2 with a new unique character design as the opponent in the standard battle modes. He appears in the Battle Now and Free Battle modes as a CPU opponent. In Battle Now, he has access to the same Pokémon pools the player does. In Free Battle, Cal uses a team of Pokémon the player assigns him, except in the case of battles under Challenge Cup rules, in which case Cal recieves Pokémon randomly in the same way the player does.
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