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The next day, the competition begins, with Brock and Meowth acting as referees and Ash, May, Max, Jessie and James acting as the tasters. Brock explains that the object of the contest is to not only make a delicious meal, but to also put on a performance. He tells the two Pokémon to start, and they rush off to their respective food piles and start cooking. Jessie and James wish Sneasel luck, and Meowth does the same for Mr. Mime, but is stopped by Brock who tells him that they must remain neutral. The two groups look on amazed at the two Pokémon, who both seem to have perfected the things that the other could do.
The contest soon gets into full flow, but is stopped when a black whip grabs hold of Sneasel, Pikachu and Mr. Mime. It's Team Rocket, back to their old tricks. The three Pokémon are thrown into small cages and the two villains laugh. They start their motto, but stop in the middle as they wait for Meowth to do his line. Jessie, angry that their performance was stopped, whips Meowth over and asks it why he didn't do his line. Meowth says that he was confused as to why they were helping Sneasel, and James tells him that that was just a ruse to get close to {{AP|Pikachu}}. They continue and finish their motto, with Meowth's spirit and confidence restored. Rhoda asks what they are doing, and Jessie explains that this was their plan all along. Rhonda tells Team Rocket to give back her and her sister's Pokémon, but Team Rocket ignore them and jump out of the window and into a balloon waiting for them. Ash, frustrated, tells Pikachu to use {{m|Thunderbolt}}. The attack is useless however, as the cage is electric proof. May then sends out Combusken and Brock sends out {{TP|Brock|Mudkip}} to use a combination of {{m|FlamethrowerFire Spin}} and {{m|Water Gun}} attack, but Jessie laughs as the attackattacks cannot reach them. Jessie starts to mock them, twirling the key around her finger while James cries happily. Back on the ground, Rhonda tells her sister to let her handle the situation, and shouts to Mr. Mime to get the key with {{m|Trick}}. Mr. Mime's ladle ends up twirling around Jessie's finger for a moment before it smacks her in the head. Grinning, Max explains that Trick switches an opponent's tools with your own. Mr. Mime then uses Psychic on the key to open the whole cage, and the three Pokémon jump out... however, not before Sneasel slices the balloon with its claws, which sends Team Rocket blasting off again.
The three Pokémon land safely, and the three trainers run over to them happily. Rhoda tells her sister that she is grateful... and that she is happy for her to take control of their father's restaurant: She deserves it. Rhoda apologizes to Sneasel, and tells her sister to do her best. As Rhoda walks off, Rhonda looks on sadly, and calls out to her twin sister. Rhonda says that there's no need for her to leave... they can run the restaurant together, as a team.