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|epname=To Lose is to Win?
|desc={{p|Throh}} is Ryouga's third known Pokémon. Throh was the second place prize of a Strongman tournament in Kanai Town. It was used by Danke to combat Ryouga in an arm wrestling match to see who would get the Burst Heart. Ryouga lost, and obtained the Burst Heart as a result.}}
|img=Sabin Sigilyph.png
|epname=The Closed Path
|desc={{p|Sigilyph}} is Ryouga's fourth known Pokémon. Ryouga received it from Sabin after their battle.}}
File:Ryouga Technique.png|Charging an attack
File:Ryouga Technique 2.png|Firing a blast of electricity. Named "Lightning Pāvu"
File:Ryouga Lightning Spark.png|A powerful explosion of electricity. Named "Lightning Spark"