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|desc={{p|Gliscor}} first appeared in ''[[DP064|Riding the Winds of Change!]]'' where it had become trapped in a city after being blown there by a violent windstorm. Gliscor's attempts at using sonar to navigate out of the city were blocked by the tall buildings, and only served to attract more {{p|Gligar}} and the Pokémon soon formed a pack. Seeing as it was a powerful Pokémon, Paul battled Gliscor with his {{TP|Paul|Electabuzz}} and [[Paul#Weavile|Weavile]] and captured it.
Gliscor appeared again in ''[[DP081|Chim - Charred!]]'' where it was used to battle [[Ash's Gliscor|Ash's Gligar]]. It won the battle easily, crushing Gligar's neck by using a very strong {{m|Guillotine}}. It made a brief appearance in ''[[DP100|Aiding the Enemy]]'' alongside with other Paul's other on hand Pokémon out of the [[Pokémon Center]] while the [[Team Rocket trio]] took care of [[Paul's Torterra]]. Gliscor has not been seen since.
Gliscor's known moves are {{m|X-Scissor}}, {{m|Sandstorm}}, {{m|Knock Off}}, and {{m|Guillotine}}.}}