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Errors: that's its chin, not mouth
* When Steelix is knocked out and it falls over, its teeth are colored with the same gray as its body instead of the usual white.
* Flint's {{p|Monferno}} has blue eyes instead of black.
* In Flint's flashback in ''[[DP165|Flint Sparks the Fire!]]'', he shows that his Infernape was still a Chimchar when he grew up. However, his flashback in this episode shows that it had evolved into a Monferno when he was still a kid.
Image:DP180 Error.png|Piplup's miscolored beak
Image:DP180 Error 2.png|Infernape's miscolored shoulder pads
Image:DP180 Error 3.png|Steelix's miscolored teeth
Image:DP180 Error 4.png|Empoleon's miscolored chest