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m (→‎Participants: I might as well since I've been working on Platinum a bit)
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* {{u|Pokedeep}} - Hoeen , Johto and Kanto
* {{u|G50}} - Will help with as many as I can.
*{{u|ninjapicklesdude}} -I have [[Pokémon Sapphire]], [[Pokémon Emerald]],[[Pokémon Leafgreen]], [[Pokémon Firered]], [[Pokémon Diamond]], [[Pokémon Platinum]], [[Pokémon Heartgold]], [[Pokémon Battle Revolution]], and [[PokeparkPokéPark 2: wondersWonders beyondBeyond]], [[Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]] and [[Pokémon Ranger]].
*{{u|NateVirus}} - Trying to help a bit with [[Pokémon Platinum]]. Others may be on the way (depends).