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(Japanese: '''ドモン''' ''Domon'') is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime who first appeared in [[BW070]] where he entered the [[DonamiteClubsplosion]] tournament. His oppenent in the first round was [[Masaomi]] and he battled him in [[BW071]], but quickly lost.
|vajp=Megumi Hayashibara
|desc=Domon used {{p|Mienshao}} in the first round of the DonamiteClubsplosion tournament and its opponent was Masaomi's {{p|Throh}}. Each of its attacks were evaded by the Judo Pokémon who then caused heavy damage to it with {{m|Seismic Toss}}. Mienshao was defeated after Throh used {{m|Circle Throw}} on it which sent it crashing into a wall.
Later on it was revealed {{an|Bianca}} was busy feeling Mienshao's muscles which was the reason why she was late for her own battle.