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Ash's Squirtle

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Trivia: irrelevant because he had no say in what order he caught them
* Squirtle is the only member of Ash's original team of six ({{AP|Pikachu}}, {{AP|Butterfree}}, {{AP|Pidgeot}}, {{AP|Bulbasaur}}, {{AP|Charizard}}, and itself) to neither [[Evolution|evolve]] nor indicate any refusal to.
* Squirtle is the first of Ash's Pokémon to have been being placed in a [[Poké Ball]] off-screen, the other being {{AP|Lapras}}.
* Though a {{p|Squirtle}} was Ash's first choice before he began his journey, it was the last of the Kanto starters he caught. It should be noted, however, that the order of capture did not depend on him.
* Despite being one of Ash's main battling Pokémon, it was only used in three gym battles, two of which it lost in one hit.
* Squirtle's Skull Bash, similar to Charizard's Seismic Toss, appears to be its trademark finishing move, using it to finish nearly every major battle it has fought in.