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<div style="text-align: center;">[[Image:Spr 3e 314.gif]]<span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS;" >'''Others...'''</span></div><span style="font-family:Comic Sans MS;" >
{{User Manga|Otoshi.png|Rurouni Kenshin|Rurouni Kenshin|FFD800|DC143C|800000}}
{{User Manga|ArtGiratina487Giratina-Origin.png|Death Note|Death Note|000000|DC143C|000000}}
{{User Anime|Spr 4d 421.png|Ouran High School Host Club|Ouran High School Host Club|FBAED2|FFD700|FF00CC}}
{{User Video game|236.png|Street Fighter|Street Fighter|FBEC5D|FFFACD|FF0000}}
Silver to me. But, like {{tt|João|BIG BRO!!YEEEEAAAH!!}}, my brother Lucas (after some time) "disliked", so he gave his games to me (Pokémon Red & Blue, and Gold).
==[[Image:SpriteNataneVSGardenia.png]]<span style="font-family:Segoe Print;" >'''Shippings'''</span> ==
Here are the Shippings that I like:
*[[ContestShipping]] - [[May]] X [[Drew]]
*[[PokéShipping]] - [[Ash]] X [[Misty]]
<!--*[[PalletShipping]] - [[Ash]] X [[Gary]] Hm...JUST THE FAN ARTS!! I DON'T SUPPORT THIS SHIPPING! ...okay...you didn't see this... -->
And the Shippings that I don't really support:.
[[Image:May Dawn.jpg|thumb|left|180px|I like this Fan art, but I DON'T support [[SapphirePearlShipping]]!!]]
*[[PearlShipping]] - [[Ash]] X [[Dawn]]
*[[AdvanceShipping]] - [[Ash]] X [[May]]