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Mt. Coronet

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[[File:Montecorona13jun08Distortion World Mt Coronet.gif‎png‎|thumb|200px|Mt. Coronet with the [[Distortion World]] above]]
Mt. Coronet stands in the middle of Sinnoh, extending from the northern wilderness to the southern tip of the region, splitting it into two halves. It is truly best defined as a mountain range, with the highest peak shrouded in legend, perhaps being the highest mountain in the entire [[Pokémon world]]. [[Spear Pillar]] is situated at the highest point, an ancient shrine to Pokémon now only in ruins, with several of its pillars still standing, all pointing skyward. The legend of the [[creation trio]] is deeply connected to the mountain, as is the plot of [[Team Galactic]]. A stained glass window in the {{DL|Hearthome City|Foreign Building}} in [[Hearthome City]] depicts the mountain with a bright shine, representing Spear Pillar and possibly depicting the creation of Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Its place in Sinnoh has caused variation in the species of {{p|Shellos}} and {{p|Gastrodon}}, which have different coloration depending on the side of Sinnoh they are native to.