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I believe that the Rocket members are the ones from Raikou: Legend of Thunder.
===History of Pokémon===
In the world as is known, it's covered with over 300 different Pokémon and counting. People have learned to bond with Pokémon and train them to develop their abilities further; these are called "trainers". Others have decided a different method of bonding, these are the Rangers. Trainers Brendan and Hitomi fight it out in Battle Tower. Marina continues her adventures in Johto, travelling along a coastal road with Lugia flying at the side. Ranger Solana saves a Sentret from a forest fire, and helps put it out with several water Pokémon. But not everyone in the world wants to bond with Pokémon, but instead, control them. Rayquaza has unfortunately been a victim of anTeam unknown organizationRocket's capture (nobody knows what happens then).
One particular trainer, Ash, has traveled four regions and is now working towards winning the Battle Frontier. Along with his friends Brock, May, and Max, Ash has had many adventures, to which the next one he will have will be a far away place.