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Oshawott (Pokémon)

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Name origin
====Name origin====
Oshawott possibly derives from "ocean", "shell", "water" and "otter." It might make reference to the {{wp|Canada|Canadian}} city of {{wp|Oshawa}}, as Canada contains many protected areas in which sea otters reside. It could also make reference to {{wp|George Ohsawa}}, a famed dietitian born into a poor samurai family during the {{wp|Meiji Restoration}} of Japan. Its Japanese name may be derived from 水 ''mizu'' meaning water, or 未熟 ''mijuku'' meaning naive or immature, and 丸 ''maru'' meaning round. "-maru" is also a common suffix in male Japanese names. The syllable "mi" in its name, meaning "three" or "third", may imply a lineage within the evolutionary line with Mijumaru being third in line.
==In other languages==