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Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

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Plot: Grammar
The game begins with the player learning how to use a capture stylus by first capturing a {{p|Pikachu}}. After having caught the Pokémon you are told that you passed with flying colors and led to the classroom of your new school. You are then introduced to [[Kevin]] and [[Rhythmi]]. While Kevin brags he is slightly better than the player [[Ms. April]] asks Rhythmi to show the new ranger student around the school. After exploring all the possible rooms in the building you get to go outside and go over to the Training Grounds building where Rhythmi asks [[Mr. Kaplan]] and [[Ms. Claire]] to show the player the basics of capturing a Pokémon and how to clear a target by getting help from the Pokémon with the correctly required [[ability]].
Right as you finish your lessons you find that [[Janice]] needs help getting the {{p|Bidoof}} rounded up and calmed down again. Keith comes out acting arrogant and still behaving as if he is better and does not state the player's name, simply asking what it was again. Keith turns it into a competition and to see who can get the most captured. After only getting four of them, the roundup is done and Keith will get one more than the player saying their name. Rhythmi criticizes him for having known it but not saying it. Janice apologizes to the leader of the BidoofsBidoof for stepping on their tail and promises to give them better food than usual for the day.
After that the player goes to their respective dorm room depending on the gender of their character. They soon leave the room with Kevin/Rhythmi and meet the one they didn't walk out with saying that the one that the player walked out with kept them waiting. They give the player an initiation test to be accepted. The person the player sat beside has to go with them to gather the stylers that were hidden around in the rooms. After gathering all four of them, the player and Keith are asked to go leave them downstairs in front of the lab door down there.