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* {{p|Miltank}} produce {{DL|Drink|Moomoo Milk}} which can be bought in the games and used as a healing item. It is stated in both the games and the anime to be both nutritious and delicious, and in the games it is stated that it is said kids who drink it will become hearty, healthy adults. In the anime, groups of Miltank are often kept to produce the milk not only for drinking, but also for the milk used to make dairy products as part of a business.
* {{p|Combee}} and {{p|Vespiquen}} gather nectar from flowers to produce [[Honey]] which is readily savored by various species of Pokémon. {{p|Mothim}} like to steal it.
* {{p|Seadra}}'s bones and fins can be used to make herbal medicine.
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