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Undo revision 1652211 by Jo The Marten (talk) That's because the contexts vary. Her Clefairy doll in Gen II and HGSS is a decoration, not the escape item as in Gen I and FRLG.
===Generation II===
[[Image:Copycat Sugimori Artwork.png|thumb|[[Ken Sugimori]]'s artwork of Copycat, dressed as {{ga|Ethan}}, from [[Generation II]]]]
In [[Generation II]], Copycat's {{p|Clefairy}} [[Pokémon {{DL|Escape itemdoll|Poké Doll}}]], given to her by {{ga|Red}} in [[Generation I]], is lost. It's found by a member of the [[Pokémon Fan Club]] in [[Vermilion City]] who is glad to have it as he loves Clefairy. However, he gives it to the {{player}} and decides to catch one himself. When the player returns to Copycat's house and returns her {{DL|List of key items in Generation II|Lost Item|lost doll}}, she will give the player a {{DL|List of key items in Generation II|Pass|ticket}} to ride the [[Magnet Train]] that travels between [[Kanto]] and [[Johto]].
Between the events of Generation I and Generation II, Copycat's house in Saffron City was torn down to make room for the Magnet Train station. According to her, a ''rail company man'' gave her a train ticket in compensation for the demolition.