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Generation V
In the [[Pokémon World]], [[television]]s are one of the many {{ttsearch|household appliance|WouldSecret householdBase be the correct term?decoration|Ornament#TVs|TVs}} items in many homes. There are also many unique TV shows for a specific region. Televisions appear in both the games and the anime.
==Kanto=='''Televisions''' (also abbreviated '''TVs''') are part of the furniture in most houses in the [[Pokémon world]]. They debuted in [[Generation I]], but were merely for decoration until [[Generation III]]. They have also appeared in the [[Pokémon anime]].
In [[Kanto]], specifically in [[Generation I]] and {{gen|III}}, televisions were used for decoration purposes and had no unique TV show. Though the televisions does show a movie.
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|-===Generations I and II===
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The televisions in these [[Generation]]s were merely for decoration purposes and, unlike later generations, the television is in the middle of the room. Televisions normally appeared in residential houses. The same applies in {{2v2|-FireRed|LeafGreen}}.
! style="background: #{{Red color}};" | Red Version
! style="background: #{{Blue color}};" | Blue Version
! style="background: #{{Yellow color}};" | Yellow Version
! style="background: #{{FireRed color}};" | FireRed Version
! style="background: #{{LeafGreen color}};" | Leafgreen Version
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| colspan="2" style="background: #FFF;" | If player is a Girl
==Johto=Generation III===
ThereTelevision returned in {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}}, replacing [[Generation II]]'s [[Goldenrod Radio Tower|radio broadcasts]] and served a purpose unlike the Generation I TVs. They were nopresent televisionsin most houses in [[JohtoHoenn]], but had a limited function, only showing programs when an event occurs, such as they[[Pokémon haveoutbreak|swarming beenPokémon]], replacedor when the {{player}} changes a Pokémon's nickname at the [[Name Rater]]. They may also show interviews with the player character, who answers by selecting words from a radiodrop-down list. When a program is airing, the television screen will flash, and will not cease flashing until the program has been watched. If an event has not happened to activate a television program, the screen will remain blank and the phrase "''Mom/Dad might like this program... better get going!''" will be played. The programming is organized by [[Hoenn TV]].
==Hoenn==In {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, a key item called the {{DL|List of key items in Generation III|Teachy TV}} is given to the player at the start of the game. It airs the Poké Dude Show, where a character called the [[Primo|Poké Dude]] will instruct the player on basic gameplay elements like how to catch Pokémon and how to battle.
[[Hoenn]] was the first region to introduce interviews with the player.
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[[File:DPTV.png|-thumb|right|Television in {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}}]]
!In style="background: #{{Hoenn color lightgame2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}; television screens flash constantly. [[Jubilife TV]] produces many television programs broadcast all around the [[Sinnoh]] region, including the ''Trend Tracker'' show, ''Trainer Research'', and ''Sinnoh Now''. Each program includes information about events happening around Sinnoh, including [[Pokémon outbreak|swarming Pokémon]] and [[weather conditions]] affecting different routes. They may also contain information about the player which is customizable by speaking to a number of {{roundytltc|10pxinterviewers}}" |which TVcan be found scattered around the region. Like in the previous generation, the answers to the interviewers' questions are limited, but more answers can be added by learning [[trendy phrase]]s in [[Snowpoint City]]. At the conclusion of each program, a series of advertisements can be Showwatched.
! style="background: #{{Hoenn color light}};" | Host(s)
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==Sinnoh==The events of the main storyline in {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}} are encouraged by a television program, ''The Search for the [[Red Gyarados]]''. Later, at the [[Survival Area]], the player will encounter the cameraman responsible for this story. In {{v2|Platinum}} this person can be found blocking the entrance to Lake Valor hoping to see {{p|Azelf}} before [[Team Galactic]] detonates the Galactic Bomb there.
Proper TV shows began to appear in [[Sinnoh]], along with commercials.
{|There width="40%"is align="center"also style="background:a #{{SinnohTV color}};in the [[Old Chateau]] which contains a wild {{roundyp|10pxRotom}} border:at 2pxnight solid(after #{{Sinnohobtaining colorthe dark}};"[[National Pokédex]] in Diamond and Pearl, and at any time in Platinum).
! style="background: #{{Sinnoh color light}}; {{roundytl|10px}}" | TV Show
! style="background: #{{Sinnoh color light}};" | Host(s)
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==Unova=Generation V===
[[Unova]]In introduces{{game|Black moreand TV showsWhite|s}}, however,televisions theseshow TVa variety of different programmes. The type of television shows maythat beare uniquebroadcast onlyat toany Unovaparticular instance depend on the in-game time.
===PokéQuiz===For the first ten minutes of every hour, documentaries and a cartoon focusing on the player character are broadcast. Each program acts as a view of in-game statistics, telling the player how many times he/she has had a Pokémon flee, how much money he/she has spent at shops, how many Trainers and Pokémon he/she has defeated, and so on.
PokéQuiz is a television program that asks three kids to identify the Japanese equivalent of a Pokémon's English name.
{|From ten minutes past to thirty-five minutes past each hour, educational shows are broadcast. These are width="40%The Waving Weaving Walk", which describes various [[Ability|abilities]]; align="center"Moves for style=Living"background:, #{{Unovawhich color}};describes {{roundy|10px}}various border:[[move]]s 2pxthat solidare #{{Unovanew colorto dark}}the game; and "Watchy the Watchog", which inspects held items that are new to the games.
! rowspan="2" style="background: #{{Unova color light}}; {{roundytl|10px}}" | Question
! rowspan="2" style="background: #{{Unova color light}};" | Hints
! colspan="3" style="background: #{{Unova color light}};" | Guesses
! rowspan="2" style="background: #{{Unova color light}}; {{roundytr|10px}}" | Answers
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! style="background: #{{Unova color light}};" | Quill
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===TheFor Wavingthe Weavinglast Walk===twenty-five minutes of each hour, other shows such as human interest pieces are broadcast; these include "Eyes on Unova", "Your Pokémon", "Personality Assessment and [[Horoscope]]", "National Gymquirer", and "Unova News". Other programs shown at this time are "Koukan Talk", which teaches {{wp|Japanese Language|Japanese}} in the North American games; and "PokéQuiz", which quizzes three kids on the Japanese names of Pokémon. There are even infomercials advertising overpriced items.
The Waving Weaving Walk show, known as WaWalk for short, is a program that focuses on abilities.
===MovesIn forthe Living=anime==
MovesTelevision forhas abeen livingpresent isin the anime since [[EP001|the first episode]], where {{Ash}} saw a program[[Pokémon thatLeague]] explainsbattle whaton television. Ash and {{ashfr|his traveling companions}} have met several television and film producers on their journeys, but televisions remained largely unseen until the {{series|Advanced Generation}}. [[Max]] mentioned watching the [[Silver Conference]] on television when he first meets Ash in [[AG003]], and thus learned a movelot doesabout him. Several characters mention watching [[Pokémon Contest]]s and how[[Grand itFestival]]s canon beTV, usedand in everyday''[[AG126|Saved lifeby the Beldum!]]'' several supporting characters watch Ash's battle on TV. TheLike Professorin the games, ''[[Sinnoh Now]]'' is Dr.broadcast Alin Machine.the Sinnoh region, with host {{si|Rhonda}}.
===What's That?=Trivia==
It* followsTVs aare reporterwider andsince athe {{p|Watchog}},[[Generation presumablyIV]] ownedgames. by theThis reporter,may reflect the asgeneral theytrend findtowards andnew identifyTVs manybeing itemswidescreen.
* In Generation IV, only cathode ray tube televisions have been used, as the Generation IV games did not feature plasma or LCD screen televisions, with the exception of the [[Villa]] television set. However, in Generation V, these types of televisions became commonplace, replacing cathode ray tube televisions.
===Eyes[[Category:Pokémon onworld Unova===media]]
Eyes on Unova is a program.
===Your Pokémon===[[de:Fernsehsendungen]]
Your Pokémon is a program about Pokémon who have achieved great things.[[ja:テレビ]]
===Personality Assessment and Horoscope===
Personality Assessment and Horoscope is a program that talks about Horoscopes and what they mean. It also mentions what item the person should hold, presumably for good luck.
===Unova News===
Unova News is a news program that brings stories of numerous kinds.
===Koukan Talk===
Koukan Talk is a program hosted by Asuza that explain how to use the Japanese language on certain occasions.
==In the anime==