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'''Leave It To Brocko!''' (Japanese: '''タケシにおまかせ!''' ''Leave It to {{tt|Takeshi|Brock}}!'') is the fourteenth14th episode of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}, and the 480th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It first aired in Japan on December 21, 2006 as a part of a one-hour special along with [[DP013]], on December 21, 2006, and in the United States on June 26, 2007.
== Synopsis ==
<i>On the way to Oreburgh, Ash and his friends see Nurse Joy trying to help an injured Nuzleaf. Nuzleaf is too upset to accept her help, so Brock steps in to calm Nuzleaf down. With help from Bonsly, who Nuzleaf seems to think is a Grass-type Pokémon, Brock wins Nuzleaf's trust and treats its injuries. This Nuzleaf must be lost, since an old tree on the other side of the mountain is the only place in the area where Seedot, Nuzleaf, and Shiftry are found. Ash and his friends volunteer to get Nuzleaf back where it belongs.
Team Rocket spies on the scene and decides Nuzleaf would be a great prize for the Boss. They show up with Meowth dressed as a Shiftry, hoping to trick Nuzleaf into coming with them. Their ploy is foiled, so they grab Bonsly and Nuzleaf. Brock tries to stop them and ends up getting carried away by Team Rocket too! That's no problem for Brock—Team Rocket lowers their guard after he cooks them a delicious meal, and Brock escapes with Nuzleaf and Bonsly. During the break-out, Bonsly even evolves into Sudowoodo!
Next Brock has to cross a river, but Sudowoodo dislikes water so Brock puts it in its Poké Ball. The problem is that without Sudowoodo, Nuzleaf gets upset! Brock has no choice but to bring out Sudowoodo and encourage it to be brave. Then Team Rocket catches up with Brock. Croagunk does its best but can't hold them off forever, so Sudowoodo pitches in to help fight. When Ash and Dawn arrive on the scene, Brock even tells them he and Sudowoodo can handle Team Rocket themselves! A real Shiftry shows up looking for Nuzleaf, and once Team Rocket is sent packing, our heroes can rest easy knowing that Nuzleaf will soon be back home.</i>
During the night, a giant tree is shown, where the {{p|Seedot}} [[evolution]]ary line live. A Seedot falls down a branch and kicks a {{p|Nuzleaf}} off. It continues sleeping, landing on a {{p|Vileplume}}, running off into the forest. The next morning, the Vileplume continues running, emitting pollen and causing the Nuzleaf to sneeze, making the Vileplume run faster and dislodging Nuzleaf. It wakes up and realizes it is not at the tree. It tries to find its way back, running and falling off a cliff.
Meanwhile, {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} continue on towards [[Oreburgh City]], one giant mountain in the distance separating them from the city, but a [[Pokémon Center]] is at the foot of the mountain. Ash wants to keep going, but {{an|Dawn}} wants to rest at the Center. {{TP|Brock|Bonsly}} cries, {{an|Brock}} feeding ithim solid [[Pokémon food]], everyone noticing how much Bonsly has grown. They notice a gust of wind nearby and rush to check it. A [[Nurse Joy]] tries to approach the same Nuzleaf, but it [[Move|attacks]] with {{m|Razor Leaf}}. Brock steps in to protect her, but his romantic advance results in another {{m|Poison Jab}} from {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}} and being dragged. Nuzleaf attacks Ash and Dawn, but they avoid the attack as Dawn checks her [[Pokédex]]. Brock gets back up and mentions that Nuzleaf are generally afraid of humans, but Brock steps forward and hides his hands, approaching and getting down eye level, keeping Nuzleaf calm. Brock pulls a leaf off a tree and blows on it like a whistle, calming Nuzleaf more. Brock hands it an [[Oran Berry]], but it refuses. Brock brings out Bonsly and has it eat some of the Oran before offering it to Nuzleaf. Nuzleaf accepts it as Brock presents a whole plate full of [[Berry|berriesBerries]]. Nurse Joy notices how Brock was able to calm the {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} as he uses a [[Super Potion]] on Nuzleaf’sNuzleaf's wound, healing it. Nurse Joy mentions that the thousand year old tree nearby houses the Seedot evolutionary family, the only area to spot the Seedot family in the vicinity. The group decides to take the Nuzleaf to the tree. {{TRT}} watches nearby, wanting to steal Nuzleaf, {{MTR}} visualizing another [[Boss fantasy]] about {{an|Giovanni}} having Nuzleaf.
As the group walks, Bonsly and Nuzleaf bond, as Nuzleaf believes Bonsly is also a {{type2t|Grass}} type. Meowth, disguised as a {{p|Shiftry}}, appears as well as a [[List of Team Rocket's disguises|disguised]] Jessie and James. They say that “Shiftry”"Shiftry" is also trying to find the tree and try to lure Nuzleaf over. However, Dawn checks her Pokédex and it identifies Meowth, which destroys the disguise, even more by Meowth's speech. Team Rocket removes the disguise and recites their {{TP|Team Rocket|their motto|mottos}}. Their balloon comes up and they board, using a bazooka net to nab both Nuzleaf and Bonsly. Before they get away, Brock grabs the net as Ash calls out {{AP|Staravia}}. [[Jessie's Seviper]] uses {{m|Haze}} to stop Staravia and Team Rocket gets away.
Team Rocket puts the Pokémon in a cage and bind Brock to a tree. Brock tries to find a way to get free as Team Rocket gets hungry, noting that the food they have is merely garnish, not a complete meal. Brock gets an idea and says that he can turn the food into a full meal. They release him and Brock makes a full course meal, Team Rocket diving in. They are so occupied by the food that Brock manages to slip away, taking the whole cage and darting away. When they get far enough, Brock has Bonsly try {{m|Double-Edge}} on the cage. ItHe manages to bend a bar, but not enough, and Bonsly starts crying. Brock reassures his Pokémon and ithe tries again, this time breaking a bar and opening the cage. Bonsly dances happily but begins glowing as ithe [[Evolution|evolves]] into {{TP|Brock|Sudowoodo}}. Brock is happy as ithe {{wp|salute}}s him.
Meanwhile, Ash and Dawn continue to search for Brock, Staravia not finding anything. As they continue searching, Brock continues on, Nuzleaf riding on top of Sudowoodo. They see the tree and continue on while Team Rocket flies in [[Team Rocket's mechas#MeowthTeam HotRocket's AirMeowth Balloonballoon|their balloon]] trying to find Brock after he slipped away. Brock runs into a fast-moving river and decides to cross. Knowing Sudowoodo hates water, he recalls ithim, but Nuzleaf crashes to the ground and starts crying. Brock brings itSudowoodo back out and convincestells ithim that Nuzleaf needs Sudowoodohim. They start crossing, taking it slowly. Sudowoodo almost slips at one point, but Brock catches ithim. Just as they reach the end, Brock takes Nuzleaf off Sudowoodo as Team Rocket arrives nearby. Sudowoodo is paralyzed by fear as [[Jessie]] sends out Seviper and Brock sends out Croagunk. Seviper uses {{m|Bite}}, but Croagunk takes it without blinking. Effortlessly, ithe uses Poison Jab to send Seviper back. Seviper rushes forward with {{m|Poison Tail}}, but Croagunk’sCroagunk's {{m|Poison Sting}} stops it, also hitting the balloon and causing an explosion, creating black smoke that Ash and Dawn spot, running towards it. Seviper uses {{m|Wrap}} on Croagunk, but ithe still manages to use {{m|Brick Break}}. While Seviper continues to Wrap, Croagunk repeats Brick Break multiple times, eventually dislodging Seviper and [[fainting|knocking it out]]. Brock congratulates Croagunk but notices ithe sitting there unresponsive, knocked out as well!
Brock recalls Croagunk as [[James]] sends {{TP|James|Carnivine}} to attack with Bullet Seed. Brock shields Nuzleaf as Sudowoodo watches. ItHe snaps out of fear and jumps to shore, getting wet but not noticing. Sudowoodo steps up and dodges Carnivine’sCarnivine's Bite before hitting with Double-Edge. Carnivine uses {{m|Bullet Seed}} but Sudowoodo uses {{m|Mimic}} to counter with Bullet Seed. Ash and Dawn arrive, noticing that Bonsly evolved. Ash wants to step in and battle, but Brock declines in that Sudowoodo can handle its first battle since evolving. Carnivine fires another Bullet Seed, Sudowoodo blocking and charging forward with another Double-Edge. Carnivine bites Sudowoodo and pins it to the ground, but Sudowoodo uses {{m|Flail}} to throw Carnivine off. Carnivine tries another Bullet Seed, but Sudowoodo dodges and uses Mimic to fire Bullet Seed and knock out Carnivine.
Team Rocket sends out {{TP|Jessie|Dustox}} and {{TP|James|Cacnea}}. Ash decides to send {{AP|Pikachu}} in, but a gust of wind overcomes the field as a real Shiftry appears. Meowth tries to convince Shiftry that Ash and his friends are the bad guys and they slip away while Shiftry advances. However, Team Rocket gets back in their balloon, now with a Wobbuffet design, and grabs Nuzleaf with a mecha arm. Shiftry uses {{m|Razor Wind}} to pop the balloon and free Nuzleaf. Shiftry saves Nuzleaf from the fall with a gust of wind. Ash has Pikachu use {{m|Thunderbolt}} to sendtake down the [[Team Rocket's mechas|Wobballoon]] blastingfor offgood. Nuzleaf returns to the tree as Ash and his friends continue on to Oreburgh City.
<!-- Written by rockersk08. -->
== Major events ==
* {{an|Brock}}'s {{p|Bonsly}} evolves into {{TP|Brock|Sudowoodo}}.
=== Debuts ===
==== Pokémon debuts =Debuts===
====Pokémon debuts====
* [[Brock's Sudowoodo]]
== Characters ==
=== Humans Human===
* {{Ash}}
* {{an|Dawn}}
* {{an|Giovanni}} ([[Boss fantasy|fantasy]])
=== Pokémon ===
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Meowth}} ({{TRM}})
* {{p|Mime Jr.}} ({{OP|James|Mime Jr.}})
* {{p|Staravia}} ({{OP|Ash|Staravia}})
* {{p|Bonsly}} ({{OP|Brock|Bonsly}},; evolves)
* {{p|Sudowoodo}} ({{OP|Brock|Sudowoodo}},; newly evolved)
* {{p|Croagunk}} ({{OP|Brock|Croagunk}})
* {{p|Dustox}} ({{OP|Jessie|Dustox}})
* {{p|Cacnea}} ({{OP|James|Cacnea}})
* {{p|Carnivine}} ({{OP|James|Carnivine}})
* {{p|Nuzleaf}} (multiple)
* {{p|Seedot}} (multiple)
* {{p|Shiftry}} (×2)
* {{p|Vileplume}}
* {{p|Seedot}} (colony)
* {{p|Nuzleaf}}
* {{p|Shiftry}}
== Trivia ==
* The episode's title may be a reference to the television showsitcom ''{{wp|Leave itIt to Beaver}}''.
** This is also one of the few times the Japanese title was translated directly, or almost directly.
* Everyone shouts out the title card.
** MusicHowever, fromin ''[[M08the {{pmin|Finland|LucarioFinnish}} andversion, the Mysterytitle ofcard Mew]]''is andread ''[[M06by {{an|Jirachi:Dawn}} Wishalone, Maker]]''for isunclear used as background musicreasons.
* Music from ''[[ProfessorM08|Lucario Oak'sand lecturethe Mystery of Mew]]:'' and ''[[Ash'sM06|Jirachi: Wish AipomMaker]]'' is used as background music.
** [[Professor Oak's Big Pokémon senryūEncyclopedia]]: エイパムが しっぽでつかむ サトシのハート ''Eipamu ga, shippo de tsukamu, Satoshi no hāto'' "Eipam, it seizes with its tail, Satoshi[[Ash's heart."Aipom]]
** Pokémon senryū: エイパムが しっぽでつかむ サトシのハート ''Eipamu ga, shippo de tsukamu, Satoshi no hāto'' "Eipam, it seizes with its tail, Satoshi's heart."
* A teaser for [[M10|the tenth movie]] was broadcast after the Japanese premiere of the episode as part of the special broadcast.
* The Japanese ending credited both ''[[DP013|A Staravia Is Born!]]'' and ''Leave It To Brocko!''.
* While the episode aired as part of an hour-long special, the credits were as they would have been had the episodes aired separately. As such, {{AP|Staravia}} was featured, but Sudowoodo was not.
* This is one of the few episodes of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}} where [[Dawn's Piplup]] does not appear.
* {{Ash}} and [[Roark]] narrate the preview for [[DP015|the next episode preview]], which is one minute long instead of the usual thirty seconds.
* When Team Rocket{{TRT}} is eating the food {{an|Brock}} fixed for them, [[James]] comments that the food is as good as [[Nanny and Pop-Pop]]'s.
* This episode features a scene similar to ''[[AG109|Do I Hear a Ralts?]]'', in which {{MTR}} dresses up as another Pokémon (in this case, a {{p|Shiftry}}) but is exposed when he is scanned by a Pokédex.
=== Errors ===
* In the scene wherein which [[Team Rocket]] is eating the food {{an|Brock}} made, when {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} eats the food from itshis fork, as soon as ithe eats it, another piece of food appears on itshis fork instantly, without Wobbuffet moving at all.
* When Meowth is lying to {{p|Shiftry}} about who attacked {{p|Nuzleaf}}, he says that Shiftry is the one who harmed Nuzleaf.
* When Brock gives Nuzleaf the [[Oran Berry|Oran Berries]] in a bowl, there were about 10-15 in the first shot, but in the shot after that, the Oran Berries have shrunk and multiplied.
* When Brock says "Bonsly, I want you to use Double-Edge on this cage", the captions say, "Bonsly, I want you to use Double-Edge on ''the'' cage."
=== Dub edits ===
* InWhen thethis originalepisode aired in Japan, {{TP|Brock|Bonsly}}along usedwith {{m''[[DP013|TakeA Down}}Staravia onIs theBorn!]]'' cagein which2006, Bonslythere iswas [[Animeno moveopening errorsor {{wp|unablecold toopen}}ing learn]]intro. inIt thewent games.straight Itto the appearsepisode thatafter the Americanprevious producersepisode pickedfinished. upThe onEnglish this errorversion (and later, the attackJapanese wasDVD changedrelease) toincludes {{m|Double-Edge}}a (whichcold Bonslyopen canintro learn). Asshowing a result,hungry allTeam instancesRocket, ofand SudowoodoBrock usingtied Taketo Downa intree theoffering animeto hascook beentheir changedleftover toingredients Double-Edgefor sincethem.
* When thisDawn episodesees aired in JapanNuzleaf, alongshe withasks "Who''[[DP013|As Staraviathat Is Born!]]'' in 2006Pokémon?", there was no opening, and a {{wp|cold open}}ing intro. It went straightreference to the[[Who's episode afterThat Pokémon?|the previousquestion-and-answer episodesegment finished. Inof the Englishsame version, a cold open intro, possibly made up by [[The Pokémon Company International|Pokémon USAname]], shows [[Team Rocket]] starving, and {{an|Brock}} tied in a tree offers them some food.
* When Dawn sees Nuzleaf, she asks, "Who's that Pokémon?", an [[Who's That Pokémon?|obvious reference]].
== In other languages ==
|zh_cmn={{tt|就交給小剛吧!|Leave it to Brock!}}
|cs={{tt|Nechte to na Brockovi|Leave It to Brock}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Les talents de Pierre !|Brock's talents!}}
|de={{tt|Rockos eigenes Süppchen!|Brocks own soup!}}
|he={{tt|תנו לברוק לטפל בזה|Leave Brock to fix it}}
|it={{tt|Ci pensa Brock!|Leave it to Brock!}} & {{tt|Il coraggio di Bonsly|Bonsly's courage}}
|ko={{tt|울보 꼬지지, 꼬지모로 진화하다|Crybaby Bonsly, evolves into Sudowoodo}}
|pl={{tt|Zadanie dla Brocka|Task for Brock}}
|pt_br={{tt|Deixa com o Brock!|Leave It to Brock!}}
|sv={{tt|Det här tar Brock hand om|Brock takes care of this}}
|ro={{tt|Lăsați pe Seama lui Brocko|Leave it to Brocko}}
|th={{tt|ปล่อยให้ทาเคชิจัดการเอง|Leave It to Takeshi}}
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