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[[File:BattrioPuckScan.jpg|thumb|220px|Scanning pucks. Here the player has scanned in a {{p|Ho-Oh}} puck as theirthe second Pokémon.]]
Upon starting a battle, the player has 60 seconds to scan in up to three Battrio pucks using the infrared scanner in the center of the console. The data is then transferred and each respective Pokémon will appear on screen. If the player has only one or two pucks, the game will assign random Pokémon to make the deficit. Players can scan two pucks portraying the same Pokémon as long as they are different in terms of stats or abilities. One could have a {{OBP|Turtwig|01-016}} from ''{{Battrio|Dialga and Palkia Clash}}'' and a {{OBP|Turtwig|02-022}} from ''{{Battrio|Darkrai Invasion}}'', but not two Turtwig from ''Dialga and Palkia Clash'' for example.
===Memory Keys===
[[File:Battrio Memory Key.png|thumb|right|A Battrio Memory Key, from the Battrio 0 upgrade. Note the cover absent from previous designs.]]
'''Memory Keys''' (Japanese: '''メモリーキー''' ''Memory Key'') are memory-saving devices that are inserted into the arcade console. Sold at a retail price of about ¥600, while they are not necessary in order to play the game, they become essential for progressing through some modes.
Memory Keys allow players to select an avatar from a number of Trainer designs and name it, becoming their profile for all battles undertaken whilst the Memory Key is plugged in the console. The Memory Key keeps track of wins/losses, money earned, items obtained, experience levels of types, and progress in game modes. It also has an LCD screen that players can view several of their stats on without having to plug it into the console. The screen can display the current experience level of each type by scrolling along the symbols on the screen, the player's current money total, medals earned in game modes, and their current floor in Battrio Tower.
[[File:Memory Key Pachirisu color.png|thumb|left|A "{{p|Pachirisu}}-color" Memory Key from the Battrio S upgrade]]
Memory Keys are available in various different colors including the standard red or blue, and various {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}-themed color schemes, which generally tie- in with puck expansion releases.