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Aerial Ace (move)

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* The Japanese name of this move, つばめがえし ''Swallow Return'' (more commonly known in English as the "Turning Swallow Cut"), is probably taken from the signature technique of the legendary swordsman {{wp|Sasaki Kojirō}} (the namesake of {{TRT}}'s [[James]]). It is widely believed that it consisted of first a rapid downward slash from above, immediately followed by an upward slash on the same line (this same motion is used for the move's animation in [[Generation IV]]). Its name came from Kojirō's observations of the motion of a swallow's tail in flight.
* {{p|Heracross}} is the only non {{type|Flying}} Pokémon able to learn Aerial Ace naturallyby level-up.
* Although {{p|Kabuto}} can learn Aerial Ace in [[Generation III]] through TM, it can no longer capable of learning this move in later generations with the same TM.
* For unknown reasons, {{p|Fearow}} couldn't learn Aerial Ace naturally, while its {{p|Spearow|pre-evolution}} could in Generation III.