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Sarcastic explanation.
[[File:Gym guide.png|thumb|right|240px|[[Castelia Gym]]'s guide, as seen in {{2v2|Black|White}}]]
The '''Gym guide''' is a charactertitle in the [[main series]] [[Pokémon games]]. The title actually belongs to at least five characters, each corresponding to a different [[region]]. In each case, the guide is usually found at the front of a Pokémon [[Gym]], ready to offer tactical advice to novice {{pkmn|Trainer}}s. He can occasionally be sarcastic in nature.
Some gyms are unique, in that their guide seems to roam outside its walls. The [[Celadon Gym]] guide is not seen in his Gym, and appears instead at the [[Rocket Game Corner]], where he plays the [[slot machine]]s. Similarly, the [[Cianwood Gym]] guide is found in the [[Cianwood City|city]]'s [[Pokémon Center]] instead of the Gym. The [[Petalburg Gym]] guide will vanish after the {{player}} has defeated [[Norman]], and, in [[Generation II]] only, the [[Cinnabar Gym]] guide will arrive after [[Blaine]] has been defeated.