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In the anime: less informal
==In the anime==
Stats in the anime seemappear to leave out the Special and Physical concept. It's is more dependent on attack power and the amount of damage inflicted instead of Attack and Special Attack, and defensiveness and endurance rather thenthan Special Defense and Defense. One example iswas seen in [[DP131|''Pedal to the Mettle!'']] when [[Paul]]'s {{p|Weavile}} used {{m|Swords Dance}}, inan [[DP131]]Attack-boosting move, itwhich didn'tboosted {{m|Blizzard}}, a special move, as justwell boostas {{m|Ice Shard}} and {{m|Metal Claw}}, but {{m|Blizzard}}, a special move. Another exampleinstance iswas in [[AG128|''Shocks and Bonds'']], where [[Johnny]]'s {{p|Aggron}}'s {{m|Harden}}, a Defense-boosting move, appeared to defend against {{ho|Tyson}}'s {{p|Sceptile}}'s {{m|SolarBeam}}, a littlespecial bitmove.