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'''Pokémon CraterVortex''', formerly '''Pokémon Crater''' and often subtitled as the '''Battle Arena''', was an unofficial online [[Pokémon game]] that was played with just a mouse. The site was created by webmaster Aaron in 1999 and received numerous updates throughout the years, reaching version 7 before closing on December 1, 2007. The site has since beenwas recreated as '''Pokémon Vortex''' in 2009.
The basics of the game were based on the main features of the [[main series]], particularly the standard turn-based battle system. Registered {{player}}s could use the interactive maps on the site to find and capture new Pokémon species or battle against trainer's controlled by the computer or, in later versions, other players to raise the [[level]]s of the player's Pokémon more easily.
Soon after the closure of Pokémon Crater, it was announced on October 2008 that the game was being rebuilt in the name of Pokémon Vortex Battle Arena. Set to start from the beginning at version 1 and feature the same functions as Pokémon Crater had at version 7.
Pokémon Vortex was fully released as a public game in mid 2009 and set for update to version 1.8 early 2011. Pokémon Vortex can be found at []
<!-- Can someone find a way to merge this data in and update the infobox?===Description===
'''Pokémon Vortex''' is a recent reboot of [[Pokémon Crater]], released in 2009. It is fully run by advertisements, and has many additions to the original Pokémon Crater. A large one is the addition of [[Black and White]] Pokémon, Gym Leaders/Elite Four/Champion, and also includes [[Meloetta]], [[Genesect]], and [[Keldeo]].
===New Features & Pokémon===
The Lottery is a feature of the PokéMart that distributes tickets for 50,000 currency, in order for a chance to win money and a prize. The prize is usually a Form of a Legendary Pokémon, and there is usually around 100,000,000 worth of money given to five lucky players.
==New Pokémon==
Vortex now includes all [[Black and White]] Pokémon, with a few fan-made Pokémon added. An updated version of [[Celebi]], known as Eternal Celebi, is more detailed and larger than the original. As special Pokémon, it is available in the PokéMart for 1 billion currency. A supposed relative of [[Darkrai]], known as Darkrown, has a spikier collar and is larger. An armored version of [[Mewtwo]] is also available, with varied difference.
==Legendary Pokémon==
Vortex has changed the rules for obtaining Legendary Pokémon. In order to find them on the maps, you must defeat every Gym Leader, Elite Four member, Champion, and Battle Frontier leader. There are also many more to catch than in Pokémon Crater.
==External links==
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