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In [[Generation III]], [[Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire|Pokémon Box]] was introduced, which allowed players to store their large collections without worrying about taking up PC space; in fact, players were rewarded for transferring more Pokémon into Pokémon Box, making the living Pokédex goal more appealling.
However, since the onset of [[Generation IV]], no new edition of Pokémon Box has been released, stunting the collection size of many collectors. Those who aim to complete a living Pokédex, particularly one with [[form differences]], must do so while sacrificing most of their box space which could be used for multiple [[legendary Pokémon|rare and valuable Pokémon]], [[alternate coloration|shiny Pokémon]], and [[Pokémon training|trained Pokémon]]. To create a living Pokédex with one of every specie, as well as all [[Unown]], [[Shellos]], [[Gastrodon]], [[Burmy]], [[Wormadam]], and [[Deoxys]] forms, one is only left with 11 box spaces, leaving one with only enough space for 12 of the 17 [[Arecus]] forms. Of course, these other Pokémon could be [[trading|traded]] to another game, which players who aspire to obtain a living Pokédex probably already have in order to obtain [[version-exclusive Pokémon]].
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