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How do I get rid of the advertisements?: I've seen a few people report bad ads before on talk pages, so I thought I'd post the correct way to report ads in the FAQ.
=====How do I get rid of the advertisements?=====
Usually logging into Bulbapedia or a Bulbagarden site will get rid of advertisements.
=====I saw an advertisement that I found offensive/disruptive. What do I do?=====
Bulbapedia strives to uphold a family-friendly, and easy reading experience, and as such our advertisements should follow this standard as well. If you happen to find a questionable advertisement, or one that you find disruptive to your reading experience, please follow these steps:
:1. Right-Click the ad and click on "Copy Link Location"
:2. Take a screenshot of said advertisement
:3. Post both the link location, and the screenshot in [ this thread].
We will then evaluate the advert and have it removed from rotation if it is deemed offensive/disruptive.
===Other sites===