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LaRousse City

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[[Image:Aurora at Night.png|thumb|right|250px|LaRousse City at night, with {{movOBP|Deoxys|Deoxys|7M07}}'s aurora in the sky]]
According to the promotional map handed out with ''Destiny Deoxys'' Japanese release, LaRousse City is located in northern [[Hoenn]], near [[Fortree City]].
[[Image:Deoxys overlooking LaRousse.png|250px|thumb|left|{{movOBP|Deoxys|Deoxys|7M07}} overlooking LaRousse City]]
The city is located at the {{wp|Confluence (geography)|confluence}} of two rivers in northern [[Hoenn]]. The city mainly lies on an island, including the huge park, the Battle Tower, and most of the business districts.