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Mineral (Egg Group)

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The '''Mineral eggEgg group''' (Japanese: '''こうぶつ''' ''Mineral'') is one of the fifteen [[eggEgg group]]s.
This group is comprised mostly of {{type2|Rock}} and {{type2|Steel}} Pokémon. The common characteristic shared by this group are Pokémon of an inorganic nature, specifically taking on a rocky, crystalline or metallic appearance, hence the name, Mineral.
In this eggEgg group, most of its members are genderless, and can only breed with {{egg|Ditto}}. This makes for a limited pool of moves that can be passed down among the few members of the group that can pass and inherit eggEgg moves. As of [[Generation V]], the members that can breed was increased from five to eleven families, making breeding slightly easier.
===Only in this eggEgg group===
===In this and another eggEgg group===
* {{p|Shedinja}} is in this eggEgg group, despite its organic origins and its evolutionary relatives {{p|Nincada}} and {{p|Ninjask}} being in the {{egg3|Bug}} instead.
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