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Legendary birds (Adventures)

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I read Pokémon Adventures volume 3 in Japanese today, and Sabrina called it サ・ファイ・ザー - it's not coined by the Japanese fans, it's canon
'''Zapmolcuno''' ('''サ・ファイ・ザー''' ''Sa Fai ZaaThu-fi-zer'') was the result of a [[Team Rocket]] experiment created by fusing the three [[legendary birds]]—{{p|Articuno}}, {{p|Zapdos}}, and {{p|Moltres}}—in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] {{pkmn|manga}}.
*In the English language version of [[Pokémon Adventures]] canon, it never had a proper name. However, [[|Coronis]] coined the term Zapmolcuno, a portmanteau of the [[Legendary Pokémon|legendary birds']] names. In Japanese, fansit's alsoofficially coined the termcalled '''サ・ファイ・ザー''' ''Sa Fai ZaaThu-fi-zer'' by [[Sabrina]], a combination of the legendary birds' Japanese names {{tt|'''Thu'''nder|Zapdos}}, {{tt|'''Fi'''re|Moltres}}, and {{tt|Free'''zer'''|Articuno}}.
{{Sabrina's Pokémon|???|flying}}