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Appendix:Metagame terminology

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===Masuda method===
{{main|Masuda method}}
A technique used to hatch {{Shiny}} {{pkmn|eggEgg}}s involving Pokémon originating from games of different languages. For example, if the player has a North American game card, and receives a Japanese {{p|Ampharos}} and breeds it with a {{p|Pikachu}} from their own card, the offspring has a much higher chance of being shiny.
Often abbreviated as ''UT'', it refers to Pokémon that haven't gained any [[Experience]] since they were {{pkmn2|caught|captured}}, [[trade|received]], or {{pkmn|eggEgg|hatched}}. It is commonly used among players who are trading specially {{pkmn|breeding|bred}} or [[Event Pokémon]].