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Togekiss (Pokémon)

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Togekiss is a vaguely avian Pokémon with an egg-shaped body. It is covered in white, downy feathers and has broad, triangle-shaped wings that allow it to soar effortlessly. Interestingly, Togekiss lacks the stubby arms that its pre-evolutions had. Its underbelly is dotted with the small red and blue triangular spots that are the signature of the Togepi evolution family. Togekiss has very small feet which are set close together, making them somewhat awkward for moving about on the ground. The former spikes on its head have grown into a three-pointed crest that. The middle point is white all the way to the tip, but the left and right spikes are tipped in blue and red respectively (the reverse is true for its {{shiny}} form).
====Gender differences====