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Latias and Latios (J Promo 2)

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name=Eon Pokémon |
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species=<!--Unknown-->Bestow the Dream |
jadditional=イラストに描かれているラティアスとラティオス以外のポケモンも、映画「水の都の護神」のどこかに変わった姿で登場するよ みつけられるかな? ヒントを1つ、秘密の庭の床のタイルに注目!(答えは で見てね!) |
transadditional=Pokémon other than Latias and Latios are drawn in the illustration. These strange figures appear in the movie 'Guardian Gods of the City of Water', can you find them? One tip: Focus on the floor tiles in the Secret Garden! (Answers can be found at!) |